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  1. Dear Prof, i sent one message for you yesterday ,, check please regards
  2. hello all the Riemann hypothesis was fully proved by me , i dont know what i can do with the proof ,i wrote to many universities and research institutes ,but no body cares!!! what can i do???please advice i am not mathematician ,i am doctor electrical engineer , so nobody believes me!!! i believe in my proof because i used mathematical logic and physics to proof it . what i need is help from mathematician scientist , to review my proof and write it in a strong mathematical scientific paper . who cares?? kind regards
  4. hi Riemann hypothesis who cares?????
  5. urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am looking for mathematician , to work with him on RIEMANN HYPOTHESIS PROOF
  7. your answer is correct too they are the same because 1- let u=sin(x) then integral= (1/2)*[sin(x)]^2 2- let u = cos (x) then integral =-(1/2)*[cos(x)]^2 sum tow integrals =( 1/2)*{[sin(x)]^2-[cos(x)]^2}=-(1/2)*cos(2x)...... ( this for tow integrals ,but we have one integral then we must devide on 1/2) and got finally =-(1/4)*[cos(2x)] it means you and they are correct dont wory i wrote in this way because i think you will understand what i wanted to say if you dont understand i will write more clear for you
  8. thank you i am sorry for my lack in english language you are right
  9. We always use in our daily lives complex numbers .. where the natural numbers are the same as complex numbers on the grounds that the imaginary part is equal to zero, so the division into two or more, is a moral division only, natural numbers is a part complex numbers, because the complex numbers shows the value (quantity) and direction while natural numbers show value only> So in reality ,there is no natural numbers ,only complex numbers are there , we have canceled the direction and put imaginary part equal to zero in some cases because we don't need direction calculation or did not realize the direction of things so we cancel imaginary part . so ,we divided the addition process into tow types : ordinary addition:where we add only values , and vector addition where we take into account the direction,but in fact there is one type vector addition, and if you don't need direction you can put imaginary part equal to zero. And this view is helpful to analyze things and understand the world that surrounds us, how do we find the total intelligent for group of people that exist somewhere??What is the sum of awareness or perception of a group of people in a company or in the community?? I think the total awareness, intelligence or cognition is to vector addition , not ordinary addition. we must use complex numbers in this evaluation process. thanks
  10. OK!!! ANY HOW YOU WILL NOT LOOSE ANY THING 1-do you know any thing about complex numbers?? i want to define were i can start from 2-do you know for example this formula exp(jt)=cos(t)+ jsin(t) were j=root mean square of -1 3-o you know what is the meaning of complex numbers in real life?? if you know , We will try together to understand what Riemann series means in practical life and then expand our concept to include the beginning of the composition of the universe from the first moments of the big bang to the present day .. write this by simple mathematical equations , trying to explain based on mathematics what happened in the first moments after the Big Bang,How did the evolution of the universe to the present form then we can deduce how the universe will go in the future? Then we will test the validity of the concepts and equations obtained by applying to some of the phenomena in the universe, such as the laws of gravity and the movement of the planets and the stars in the sky, motion of the electron around the nucleus, black holes in the sky, Doppler phenomenon ....etc> Of course I tested both this and the results were wonderful, so I think that: this series is the equation of Divine interpret much of what happens in the universe of events and shed light on the early evolution of the universe and where is heading and how evolution explains many of the Ambiguous events in the universe for which there were quantitative relationships , but vague in meaning and concept. Then we will analyze Mathematically, which depends on abstraction and logic step by step to prove or not prove the Riemann hypothesis. Yes I assure you the full completion of proof of that all the non trivial zeros are located in Critical strap and be when the real part of the zero equal to half. We can work together as a team to reach a fantastic and innovative result. I assure you that I'm not crazy not imagining I have studied in the former Soviet Union and I I could find the solution to the most complex issues in the integration and differentiation in the university curriculum orally and quickly without writing.But in a country that did not believe in individual effort I did not get any value except full marks and a Ph.D. and I could not work there because there are no suitable salaries. However, if my words wrong or I're crazy, then it will be the only loser is me because I spoke something is not useful and it is unthinkable level of Doctor in Electrical Engineering. at the end my e-mail: email removed i will be happy to continue our discussion regards
  11. my feeling , you understand RH in the best level ,you have a philosophy,i like it ,if you are interested , let we work on proof together. i can explain RH for you , it is more than easy. where are you from? Yes, I agree ...MANY great scientists were not able to solve this problem, not because it is complex or difficult ... scientists often hold things and think in a way that makes things unsolvable ... but God created the universe much simpler .... When I was in the process of proof I sometimes got a long and difficult equations, But MY deep faith THAT ( the universe is simple) , and that the right things must be simple TOO , made ​​me not convinced that these equations can lead to the solution. So I canceled these equations and formulas immediately and I was seeking more simple way, in the end, I discovered that the matter is so simple to prove the hypothesis ,it didn't take me a lot of thinking, be sure please I am not pretending that I am one of the senior scientists .. I am not a specialist in mathematics originally . the proof was done analytically and step by step at the highest possible mathematical logic and physical understanding. after that i tried to get proof in different way and i got it ,so i have tow proofs i would like to assure you that two different proofs led to the same result. now ,i am looking to deal with any specialist mathematician or university in Europe or any were before writing in scientific paper. are you mathematician?? regards P.S. DEAR DJBruce I WOULD LOVE TO ASSURE YOU THAT BEFORE THE MIDDLE OF 20TH SENTURY IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO PROOF RH BECAUSE ONE VERY IMPORTANT THEORY WAS NOT BORN BEFORE. and be sure please that the RH is not depends on the person mathematical level (scientest or not ) ,it is a way of thinking , it is a metodology how yo are looking to the things , at which angle you focus <br class="Apple-interchange-newline"> P.S. DEAR DJBruce I WOULD LOVE TO ASSURE YOU THAT BEFORE THE MIDDLE OF 20TH SENTURY IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO PROOF RH BECAUSE ONE VERY IMPORTANT THEORY WAS NOT BORN BEFORE. and be sure please that the RH is not depends on the person mathematical level (scientest or not ) ,it is a way of thinking , it is a metodology how yo are looking to the things , at which angle you focus <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  12. my feeling , you understand RH in the best level ,you have a philosophy,i like it ,if you are interested , let we work on proof together. i can explain RH for you , it is more than easy. where are you from?
  13. i am so sorry i cant do that ,because my proof relies on understanding this process , i will describe it not here but in scientific paper may be Question: Is there any institution, university or research group concerned with proving Riemann hypothesis? I want to publish a scientific paper through the prestigious institution to get attention. I wrote to the Clay Mathematics Institute and to many universities and institutes, but did not get any answer!!!may be nobody believes me. They excused because I'm not known in the scientific community and i had no previous research in the field of mathematics or papers Thank you in advance
  14. Dear PETER are you mathematician? Dear PETER are you mathematician? Riemann hypothesis proof is not difficult at all, i am sure that ,the average intelligence school student can prove this hypothesis, the difficulty is in the idea and concept only, How to understand that what is the real meaning of these numbers sequential, what is the meaning under the real part of the nontrivial is equal to the 1/2, there is a divine meaning to these figures and this equation, Riemann series is the he first class equation of Divine,which gives an explanation for the first moments of the origins of the universe after the Big Bang> it can explain the universe evaluation i guess not only prime numbers distribution.
  15. In fact I love mathematics and physics,I studied in Russia Electrical Engineering, and know Russian language fluently, I want to be clear with you , the problem what I have, is not how to write a scientific paper in English, I wrote a series of scientific articles successfully and participated in some global conferences. I can summarize the problem as follows: Riemann hypothesis not difficult for me, never, we can not prove Riemann hypothesis using the principles and laws of mathematics by using methods known Aboisth direct application the laws of mathematics So I used the unusual way to prove the hypothesis, I mean by the (word unusual): that I did not see anything similar in any article or book of mathematics before, and used physics concepts, and want to assure you the Riemann Theorem express deep and wonderful phisiand wonderful physical meaning. In fact I think I got a new and innovative way that I think it's useful to explain some of the physical phenomena which could lead to the solution of some matters and outstanding issues Now I'm trying to correspond with universities here or in Europe, on all cases, I realized that I am not a specialist in mathematics or physics, so in order to be confident that the found results are true I want to work through research group or discuss the results with one of the big specialists. Unfortunately here I couldn't find what I'm looking for so i come to this forum for advice. yes you are right but we will try to do the best by physical nature i mean that the Riemann hypothesis describes natural physical process , if we could analyze and express it in mathematical formulas then the proof becomes very easy to do
  16. yes you are right three months ago ,i found one american university in DUBAI , i am still waiting for the process , it takes very long time thank you The Riemann hypothesis contain a great physical and philosophical concepts, and I guess it can not be proven without a deep understanding of the physical nature of the equation I've tested the physical concept and geometrical meaning of Riemann equation. Then writing it in the form of mathematical equations, and after doing logical and sequential analysis i got desired result ,that the real part of all nontrivial zeroes equal half. But the problem is that the environment in which I work is not research ... I wrote to some universities in Europe, but I did not get an answer. really now I will try to publish what i have done. Thank you
  17. thank you for your reply it is in mathematical formulas and analysis but the problem is that i didnt write any scientific paper in mathematics before i used un ordinary technique to proof it i am sure in my proof,because i got the results directly from certain formulas now my problem how to write this proof i wrote many papers in electrical science before but in maths i afraid, i need help fro mathematicans be sure please in my words
  18. hello i am a PhD electrical engineer. i will be happy tojoin with you many thanks my email: removed by mod i am a PhD electrical engineer regards
  19. hello i got full analytic proof of Riemann hypothesis,i would like to write it in mathematical language ,i am not a specialist in mathematics ,i am doctor in electrical engineering,i need a help to finilize my proof. advice ...what to do?? regards my email removed by mod HELLO DR HELLO DR
  20. hi my name is sami i am a doctor in technical science my email : removed by mod
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