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  1. we probably live in a universe with at least two entities of time. 1. pre str and gtr where time was homogenous in the absence of matter and minkowki. and 2. since the presence of mass in the universe str and gtr and minkowski calling time a dimension. From my point of view time is homogenous. Temporal time - clock time is elastic and certainly not a dimension. i.e. One side of a box dimension called width cannot be elastic otherwise we would never know what its true shape is!! A dimension exists or it does not. I hate to live in a universe with elastic dimensions - omg. Thanks to Minkowski thats exactly where we are.
  2. ewj

    two forms of time 1. temporal in a universe where matter exist, and 2 actually primary time where matter does not - which is homogenous time i.e before str and gtr. Energy does not conform to these affects of mass and exist in a realm of 0 or 1 across the entire universe.

  3. Absolute relativity Theory of everything
  4. There are 2 ways of passing beyond the domain of practical certainty, and of looking into the vast range of possibility. One is by asking, 1. "What is knowledge? 2. What constitutes experience?" If we adopt this course we are plunged into a sea of speculation. Were it not that the highest faculties of the mind find therein so ample a range, we should return to the solid ground of facts, with simply a feeling of relief at escaping from so great a confusion and contradictoriness. ref" Charles Hinton 19C and his concept of space existing as 4 spatial dimensions. Nothing of time. Stated prior to Minkowski's claim that the 4th dimension was temporal time. Henceforth, we live in the dark ages of constant belief and total misconception that time is a dimension in its own right. NO it is only a scalar. And there 2 such scalars of time. 1. Shared & Existing in the Primary spatial dimension of the 4D, and 2.Temporal time which exists in the remaining 3. This is the Petard which hung Einstein the genius that he was. Having given the world the new insight of STR and GTR + Temporal time is a dimension - he could not modify it - and the world rejected his further notions in the last 30 years of his life! in "absolute relativity theory of everything" we experience 2 frames of time. 1. The Absolute and symmetrical as thought of originally by Newton ( although this what not is definition - other than he was convinced of that space provided and absolute framework which is probably correct ), - but then totally ignored by Einstein to fit his STR and GTR & totally negating Newton's genius notion 2 centuries earlier. 2. Temporal time can only exist if matter exists. It just measures distance distance travelled between two + points - which is 'Einstein's domain' - that's all! It is certainly NOT a dimension in its own right. The entire world has followed Minkowski's speculation! Time to get back to basics. Don't get mathematically speculative with Edward Witten. Great that his idea might be. Get back to Newton and rediscover his thinking that space exists as an absolute and Hinton's 4 dimensions. And currently expressed in the above " -" as Ut.x.y.z where Ut is the Primary dimension which is a dynamic. Which is the causation and determination for the our local velocity of light - and thankfully also causing the phase change of energy into mass - hence our life! If i was as clever as Mr Witten I would say. Look guys its just and idea. Don't get speculative and obsessed with it. It is just a hyothetical set of mathematics - THATS all. You are just as likely to have your own ideas which could well be more appropriate than mine. He has not said that. Which tells me something about Mr Witten. Einstein's said E=Mc2. That was very easily proved in experiment. Newton said apples fall at the rate of 10mtr/s2 What is Mr Witten's stance? Nowhere. It is pure speculation. Sirs, You can have a smaller Plank time. That is obvious. Just change the value of 'C'. The velocity of light does NOT determine its own velocity. This is a total misconception since Einstein. What determines the velocity of light is the expansion of the universe causing the ability of new space being created second for second in temporal time 3D. Put in any value of 'c' in Planks constant and you can do whatever you want. Especially determine the frequency at which all atoms lose their cohesion. Which of course will initiate immediate universal fission. We live in the constant luxury of universal expansion at 300,000km/s. This is creating New Space at that velocity and determines light speed. In a book Absolute relativity theory of everything'. Just look at what nature does before getting embroiled in mathematics and speculation. Kind regards.
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