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  1. Just spent some time with Mendeley. Very wonderful, Just what I was looking for.
  2. Hi everyone. I have started looking for a reference manager software to implement in my workflow and use from now afterwards. I have looked at a few and have been impressed by qiqqa. Do you have any experience/suggestion in this field?
  3. I'm telling you this based only on personal experience. I used to search internet for the most simple medical situations and always ended up thinking that my doctor was wrong. But it always proved to be the other way around. And about taking antibiotics. I can't imagine what kind of positive effect could taking antibiotics regularly have on human body. But there could be several (sometimes serious) negative (side-)effects. This link I imagine would be of use: Antibiotic misuse
  4. Hi. I didn't have time to read all the topic. So excuse me if what I'm saying has already been told. Please take time to read the following paragraph taken from Wikipedia: Please pay attention to the difference between "undefined" and "indeterminate". And about the following: I remember someone answering that, equating coefficients is not possible for X=0 . Well that is not true at all. The thing is that, no division happens at all. Let me first give you the correct form of the question: The following equation is true for all values of X . Find d,e and f . (values of a ,b and c are given on the question) ax2 + bx + c = fx2 + gx + h So this is what happens: (a-f)x2 + (b-g)x + (c-h) = 0 Since the above equation is true for ALL values of X, the only logical answer would be: a=f b=g c=h You could solve the equation for three values of X. let's say 1 and 2 and 3 1: (a-f) + (b-g) + (c-h) = 0 2: (a-f)*4 + (b-g)*2 + (c-h) = 0 3: (a-f)*9 + (b-g)*3 + (c-h) = 0 It is easy to solve afterwards. You could also use Proof by contradiction. Link to full wikipedia article: Division By Zero
  5. Thanks for correcting me. Math is also some kind of science, right?! And giving proofs is not exclusive to math , so is the case with theories and other sciences. Though your point (I think) is taken, just saying. Could you please give me a definition for "doing science"? Sorry for going off-topic.
  6. Hi. Still I think Darwin's theory of evolution is pretty much irrelevant. Evolution just shows how life form has become more and more complicated over time and has nothing to do with how the universe has been created. So the only relevant fact that can be concluded from evolution theory is that the universe hasn't been created at its present state with its present creatures for sure. And my understanding from OP's post is that he\she is asking about creation of universe and not development of life. I have bold\italicized a part of your post. I just can't understand that. What does expansion of universe have to do with generation of new mass? I do not have much information about physical theories so your guidance about my just asked question and also about what steady state theory is would be very much appreciated.
  7. Excuse me, What is this?! Please do pay attention that OP is asking about creation of existence not evolution. (or I'm missing something here?)
  8. I think that might be the case with those people who weren't born blind and I presume that you have came across this group of blind as you have pointed out that they refer to colors and I don't think the born blind would be able to tell what color black is.(or maybe what color is at all for that matter) But the real question lies in relation to born blinds. PS: Is "born blind" a legitimate combination of words to use here? If not please correct me.
  9. I am O+ . I had absolutely no idea about these differences between different blood types. Now I feel much better, thank you!
  10. Just read the article, very interesting. This effect used to happen to me when I used to study till midnight. My thoughts would relate and connect to Dota in unbelievably illogical ways!
  11. Could you please clarify it a little bit for me? I don't understand anything at all from it to be honest!
  12. Hi everyone. This is Hooman from Iran. I love learning and hope to learn as much as possible from you guys.
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