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  1. wow my bad when i read that i thought of something completely different. your right on that one
  2. at my last meeting my collegues and i got into and argument about his very thing. there is very strong evidence that supports that a living creature on a different planet could be made out of (im just throwing stuff out im only making a point) a cyanide solution and silicon and breaths sulfur. im not saying that this creature is out there im merely stating the fact that there are many compunds and elements othere than water that can sustain life.
  3. Hi im new im actually very new...i just registered like 2 minutes ago. i joined to share my ideas about the scientific end of the world its actually quite interesting and i thought of it myself. please check it out im dying for somone to reply
  4. Time travel has already happened. i feel bad cuz i cant remember who, but someone has already invented a time machine. hold on stay with me let me explain. they created a machined that focuses light all in one spot by doing this they are able to create just the right amount of gravity to pull spae and time in a loop. this may sound crazy but they are doing it at subatomic levels. they have already sent back subatomic particles back in time wit hthis machine but it can only go back as far as the machince has been turned on. and they still are testing to see if it truly works but the hopes are dim that humans could ever do it.
  5. As I was watching a show on television about technology and how it has advanced throughout the ages, I realized that as technology is invented more technology grows off of that piece of technology. Think of the caveman when he found fire. It may have been the necessity to collect wood that lead to the discovery of the stone tool. That tool lead to a weapon and more tools and so on and so forth. As technology increases the time between each great invention is shortened. The time between each great invention back in the Greek and Roman time period would be fairly long. Probably around 200 years. But if you were to look at nowadays its only 10 years. Think of the difference between the 90’s and now. It’s huge compared to 10 years in the Roman period. And on to my point of world destruction. The farther and farther we advance ourselves onto greater technological inventions the more and more great they will get. Each great invention will be followed by an even greater one but not within 10 years but within 1 year. Then onto 1 month then to a day, until we reach the point every single thing that gets invented will be surpassed almost instantaneously by another. I call this the Technology Termination Point. And you say “What’s the problem with that?” here’s the problem. What comes first with new technology? Many of the great inventions were invented for military purposes. And instead of having to using thousands of Nukes to destroy the planet one will only need one device. One might say that the government will try to put a hold on that device. But like I said before when that device is invented many will follow even greater than the last making it almost impossible to keep tabs on them all. In a couple of days following the TTP planet earth will have hundreds of ways to destroy itself with the push of a button. And as soon as it falls into the wrong hand, it’s all over. Right now I am working on a timeline to plot when the TTP might happen. But it is easy to see that it will happen. If you were to plot each great invention on a graph with the date as the x-axis and the distance in time as the y-axis you will see the graph makes a half exponential function. Just by following the pattern it will no matter what you believe hit that point. It is impossible for it no to.
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