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  1. thankx for answering my question, i am doing research about ancient alien, but now my focus is only the ancient alien program in history channel. what i want is if u are someone who watch ancient alien program and u like their ideas then i want you work for me. I am taking notes of each episode, there is already 43episode finish. it will take me so long to watch all the episodes from starting, i don't have that much free time. so i want hire some people to take notes for me. i will send u link for few episode, can u watch some of the episode and write notes about it, 1st u need to write what is main topic and sub topic they are talking about, and 2nd the proof they showing to support their view point, 3rd u need to write about what is each of their view on the specific topic.i am willing to pay u a fees that i can afford, let me know if u have interest to do this..
  2. hello friends, i am doing research about ancient aliens, anyone have same interest like me, please contact me.
  3. Hello everyone, I am doing some research about Ancient aliens. I really love this topic. I know many of you watching this series continuesly. But i just started to watch this, but there is already 43episodes finish. I really don't have enough time to watch every episode from starting, i have few people who is watching some of the episode for me. I want someone from this forum to watch couple of the episode for me and take some notes in each episode. i will discuss about this in detail, those who really enjoy Ancient alien program or continuesly watching that, please let me know if u are interest writing few things about it, we will discuss about this in detail. looking for some people, urgent.
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