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  1. I would still criticize his assessment if there was no violence (I should of mentioned this in my earlier post). I originally thought it was the response to the attack. He has a right to express himself but he was not just representing himself when he issued that statement-without authority from the State Department. There was also a move to remove certain words ( I think swear words) from Saving Private Ryan which was being aired on November 11th, a few years ago. I object to that and the other examples you described. Have you seen the film, A Man for All Seasons?
  2. First of all, that video was not made to incite violence. Second, most of those thugs probably did not see the video and third, there is no right to be free from criticism.
  3. Obama rightly criticized the attacks, and his decision to send the Marines is justified. "To the shores of Tripoli!" I was replying to his statement that a condemnation requires finess, not necessarily relating to the events that happend. Now knowing the statement was issued before hand, but still reiterated after the attack on the embassy. My criticism still stands on that individual who issued it, Schwartz.
  4. From the link you gave me, it mentioned the individual responsible for publishing the statement (without authorization). Though the statement was issued beforehand, that individual defended it on twitter, after the compound was breached. Though he condemned the breaches as well. And condemnation of attacks do not require, "finess." You obviously don't have to sy bring it on, a simple, "we condemn the attacks on our citizens and property," would be enough. Also have any of you seen the video? It is not that bad (there are worse) and does not incite violence.
  5. They are condemning the video but not the attackers. I thought it was pretty obvious...
  6. The US embassy made a very inept statement regarding the attack on the compound on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. They have removed the statement from their website. I took a screenshot hours before.
  7. Very often US soldiers would step in and help detainees because Iraqis wanted to beat the living crap out of them.
  8. Iraq had a nuclear weapons program. Israel bombed it. Lets hope they stop the Ayatollah's as well.
  9. No. I have views from both sides.
  10. Hmm, thats weird. Just search, "private interest groups" (with the quotation marks) with google. It's the first link.
  11. I googled and I found this, http://texaspolitics...edu/5_2_2.html It doesn't seem so bad. Argumentum ad verecundiam. The fact that your teacher has his masters means absolutely nothing.
  12. Those walls u listed as examples failed. There was a point in history where the best defence became a strong offense. I want Afghanistan to succeed but we are not doing what is necessary, if you think your answers will solve it, then go right ahead and tell the generals your idea. Also the Taliban promised security, and they brought it when Afghanistan was broken up into territories controlled by warlords. In my opinion, they were too harsh, especially on the women and their biggest mistake was harbouring Al queda.
  13. Your mile long fortress is ridiculous. Ahmad Shah Massoud told us this would soon be our problem, unfortunately we (the west) didn't listen and he is dead now. He said that if we can get Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to stop funding and help us in this fight, it would have been over in a year. Afghanistan is going to take a very long time, it lacks the infrastructure needed to succeed on their own. Most afghans do not want the Taliban to return, but the Taliban atleast make due with their promises. We have not. Progress has been made, but it has not been enough. There was a point in 2011
  14. Athena, are you pro-life, or just pro-human life? There is also similarities between animals that we put down and insects we exterminate and (according to your statements) the holocaust. Life began over 3500 million years ago, not in the womb.
  15. Never mind then. They all seem the same to me. A few of his issues do appeal to me though. On Energy, "Concentrate alternative energy funding on basic research." On Healthcare "Allow consumers to purchase insurance across state lines," and I agree with his foreign policy. Obama isn't that much different that Romney though...
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