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    IR and UV

    Hi there might be being a bit thick, but the sun emits UV which passes through our atmosphere some gets redirected the rest is absorbed by the earth and IR is given out which is the cause for global warming in a nutshell. I realise that UV and IR have different wave lengths but UV like IR is reflected by the clouds wouldn't this cause exactly the same effect with the greenhouse gasses storing the heat ? I mean UV causes sun burn so wouldn't it be the same case for the atmosphere ? I'm aware that the carbon cycle and water cycle play a large role in the whole global warming thing and from the book I'm studying water vapor has a lot more to do with global warming than say carbon emissions if that's the case then surely were pretty knackered as the methane deposits will go with the ice caps which leads to more global warming which means more water vapor (until it reaches 100% humidity). Just realised this should have been in the homework help section :/
  2. Hi folks been lurking a while not many posts. Anyway I've done it I'm officially a undergraduate in the open university I've just finished my first course (introducing environment) and have applied and been accepted for s104 exploring science. Done a few maths books online and realised I understood everything that they were asking (from the open Uni site pre requisite reading) and even moved and checked the pre required stuff for the maths which go hand in hand with physics (section was on vectors) which I managed to muddle through. I'm pondering specialising in nuclear physics (though that isn't set in stone and I believe that's more post grad) Anyhow enouth about me this was just a quick hello
  3. Ive just finished a open Uni course which was aimed at the environment however it touched on this subject. The majority of life requires sunlight in whatever form plant or animal and indeed this is the majority of life on this planet. However in the deep seas there is quite a lot of microscopic life situated around geothermal vents under incredible pressures and if I remember correctly also plant and animal life aswell. On a random note these geothermal vents have been found on Jupiters moons and are believed to have existed on mars. This pretty much meets the requirements for life to exist all that's missing is that "spark" or meteor and a few million years of baking in the oven.
  4. I agree the cm3 was a confusing set of units, I'm guessing it was in there to slip me up and teach me to read the question proper. As for the last bit I can clearly see 2/4= 0.5 however I was worried I'd worked it out wrong as the next question 0.5/0.2 which equals 2.5. As I know the answer is 157.5 I had to experiment a bit to get the numbers so I calculated the molar mass divided by 0.2 ( the amount in the solution) then divided by 2 again as there was only 0.5 mold present at the start. The original post was asking if my math was correctly set out or am I missing a super obvious way of working it out and going into it in far to much depth ? You mentioned no need to work out molar mass if you could show me the math that would be great I'm probably missing something really daft. Thanks
  5. So jumping into a level chemistry I am self teaching myself and just wanted to double check I'm working stuff out right. Questions I have are 1. 250 cm3 of a 1.00 mol in a dm-3 solution I did 250/1000=0.25*1 = 0.25 Question 2 10cm3 of a 2.0 mol dm_3 solution I did 10/1000=0.01*2 (due to mol)= 0.02 mol Question 3 was find the concentrate in mol dm3 So 4 mol in 2dm3 of solution I did 4/2=2 mol dm3 And 0.0100 mol in 100cm3 of solution. I did 0.0100*10 as it asked cm3 not dm3 giving 0.1mol dm3 Finally last two. Again asking concentration 2 mol of NaOH in 4 dm of solution. I worked out molar mass as 80. Then divided by 4 giving 20 0.500 mol of HNO3 in 200cm3 of solution Again worked out molar mass as 63/0.2 = 315 then /2 to get 157.5 I know I got answers right just wanting to see if I working it out the right way or is it coincidence that the numbers match up ?
  6. Ah thanks for clearing that up. Believe either I might have mis understood the original post or there was some bad language which caused me to miss what they were saying. Anyhow thank you for a clarification I love stuff stuff like this and usually check out everything I don't quite get on Wikipedia and reading various science thread. Thanks again for the reply
  7. Hi there I was checking out a thread about us crashing into andromida galaxy simply browseing and noticed the thread was hijacked and turned into a argument of kinds. For those who don't know me I'm new to the forums and am currently working on my undergraduate. Anyhow basicly someone pointed out that dark energy was responsible for speeding the galaxy up which sounded like gravity. Anyhow if photons don't have mass how could they be speed up ? I thought albert einstien gave the speed of light while traveling through a vacum a fixed number and to me the edge of our galaxy would be vacume. Anyhow its just me pondering I've probably got it all wrong
  8. kevina


    Thanks for the replys. I'm gonna go ahead and pick up the above mentioned books. I've got to do a 15 point introduction called introducing enviroment before I can.start s104 its a automatic pass no tmi r anything just to get used to writeing at university level. The choices were either that or the maths bit feeling pretty good about my maths having worked through a few gcse problems from previous years. Also there's a 30 point module in year 1 which is compulsary and that's a maths module which will count for a lot more than the free one that was on offer. Thanks for the support and no doubt you shall hear from me again in the coming months till then I shall continue lurking and reading various threads which interest me.
  9. kevina


    Hi all I'm new to these forums and indeed science in general. I'm currently a middle aged man who has decided enouth is enouth and I'm on a course to get a degree. Science was something that always interested me at school and this is the course I am heading towards. I plan on studying with the open university as I can't afford to give up my day job but I've enrolled and start the course in febuary. Anyhow here's my question I'm doing s104 which is a introduction to all the basic sciences and fancy myself either working in chemestry or physics the problem is I did my gcses about 15 years ago. I've already got myself a gcse book on maths to remind myself what's what other than basic addition subtraction and multiplication and some percentages I havnt used any maths since school and am pretty rusty ( I did the open uni are you ready section and was confused with how to add and subtract fractions after a little internet snooping it all came back. Anyhow could anyone suggest some of the more basic books to introduce me once again to chemestry and physics ? I forgot my periodic table so very basic is good . I did remember about adding atoms like h2o is 3 atoms 2 hydrogen and one oxygen and managed to work out what chlorine was made up of however as you can see I'm rather lacking in skills. As for physics sadly other than basic magnetism I honestly don't recall anything I did at school so would have to pretty much relearn it all again. A few books suggested are As level biology Moles a survival guide Aqa science Gcse chemestry 21st century science gcse chemestry textbook. I figure if I can get back upto gcse level I won't appear so dim when I start my undergraduate work. On a side note I don't understand everything you guys write on the main forums but I believe I atleast get the jist of what you are saying and its very interesting stuff Thanks kev And I just found the what science books do you recommend section. Listed under books funny enough
  10. Hi all my names kev I'm currently enrolled to start my undergraduate course I'm thinking ill either do physics or chemistry not to sure yet. Anyhow about me I'm a Brit I ride a motorbike and am currently living with the girlfriend. I work as a security guard ( loads of time for reading forums and hopefully getting my degree)
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