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  1. Hi I'm new here. I started with my theory about everything and created a model that match the known observations. I would like to follow some ideas and facts here to confirm my predictions. What is official, for me doesn't make any diference since I have slightly diferen explanation for it. My theory explains the folowing; Expansion of Universe Origin of Gravity, Energy and mass Black holes etc. I don't expect anybody to folow me but would appreciate some understanding.
  2. pmb I appreciate your intention and explanation. Can you tell me please about that "Speculation forum", is it safe? Shouldn't I file my paper and my observations somewhere more official than public forum? Can anybody give me some more directions, please? If Somebody ask directly what is Energy exactly, I think nobody can give you direct answer. All answers would be connected to some specific Frame of references. All answers could be correct that way. No need to argue than as long as both parties agree with that specific frame. I allways ask myself what is the origin of energy, where it come from. I think that comes from dark energy, that it is dark energy itself, something that has nobody determined jet. It's not official. This is my personal opinion and my theory and understanding base on that. If somebody knows any other proces than atomic bomb case that mass change to energy with better eficiency that 1%, please let people knows about it.
  3. I did. I'm fine with that means that I'm do accept your opinion nomatter you are right or wrong. Happy? I'm not here to fight for who is right or wrong!!!! Facts only, please!!
  4. Hi All what is done in schools is calculating tranfering one type of enery to another. Nobody knows origin of energy. E=mc2 is slightly wrong according to my theory. Beside, formula is correct only 1% and proven with atomic bombs. Only 1% of mass is changed to energy. Even that is not correct 100%.
  5. Hi Not sure if this is still on. If I would say that I'm working on Origin of Gravity, probably I will be penalised. I would like to say that Origin of Gravity, Energy and Mass are the most important part of our understanding of physics and our universe. I agree with p-cunfused that pure hard physics should be applied here. But look, how one could be so sure what he/she is talking about. If you (who claim that you are the most educated here) think as you were thought in school what is right and what is wrong, please give some freedom to all others. Looks like even most educated or experianced physicist can not be 100% right. If you are, than please tell us the origin of Gravity so others wont be confused. With all respect to everybody who is using this forum.
  6. Everything you said is correct and I am fine if you are standing in guard for thermodynamics. Laws of thermodynamics doesn't base on origin of energy, mass or gravity. Since nobody figure it out this origins the law is in place and millions of people like you simply think that it is. I am fine with that.
  7. Looks like you are stuck with theory. Please go to France visit Mr. Aldo Costa and study his wheel. He is a nice guy and he will demonstrate for you. In the mean time try this. Cut from A4 sheet of paper a circle roughly 4 to 5 inches. Pin through center a pin and that paper wheel will not rotate because is balanced Gravitationally. Now pin one inch off centre in horizontal line and paper wheel will rotate 90 degree downwards and also pass it over a bit. That is because of mass inertia. And paper wheel will swing back to final neutral position 90 degree down and stop. If you are fast enough you can repin offset again and again and wheel will spin forever and ever. Friction is overcomed!!! Ask yourself why friction is so small that alowes paper wheel pass that neutral position. Hey in the mean time Mr. Costa reposition center of rotation. Can you believe that? Mr. Costa's wheel is allways off centre balanced all the time. And that is mechanicaly possible and proven just as your paper wheel in your hand. Only mathematics stops if you are using formula of thermodynamic not the wheel. Your car has many bearings. You do overcome friction of bearings when you are driving or just simple moving. Aren`t you!
  8. Look like my statement reflect reality!! People fighting against good revolutionary ideas. My purpos here is to find somebody who is working on Origin of Gravity and discus a bit about it. Social aspect is the last subject I would like to talk about.
  9. Hi I'm working on Origin of Gravity and all I could say is that Gravity has entropic base. Motions of celestial bodies are cause or efect of entropy. I know I'm too late for debate. Newton admited that he could not find origin of Gravity. Einstein admit that he somehow forget to add cosmological constant (lambda) but he was never able to connect quantum gravity to general relativity. That's pruf that he did many mistakes and that he has no clue about origin of gravity. What I like from Einstein is his idea of strechy whorphy wibrating space. That would be all. Sorry my spelling.
  10. Learn about simple machines!!! He is using leaver princip on wheel configuration. Have you ever put stick on your finger. If is not in balance, will rotate. How the heck is that possible? Friction and thermal losses are not the question here. He did the same!!!!!!!!!!! He put wheel off balance!!! Continueslly!!! To answer direct. He used bearings. Oh yeah. They are some other working perpetual motion machine on youtube you can check for yourself.
  11. Hi Space elevator is "possible" only on Moon. No atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!! Think ruther on how to overcome gravity to support ISS or maintain satelites. Good luck.
  12. Aldo Costa already builded a few decades ago and it's working and he didn't get any price at all. Everybody turning heads away from him because he defied the laws of termodynamic. People are very ignorant in that sense. Specialy Oil companies are fighting against perpetula motion machines very hard. They have control over patent offices etc. So law of thermodynamic is their major excuse. But they don't know how to explain Aldo Costa spining wheel. Formulas we learn in schools are wrong to ceartan point. I would give him a Nobel Prize. He deserve it. sorry, my spelling!!
  13. Hi Traveling space with speed of light is possible!!! Here on our earth is one rule that prevent us to do it; we are self destructive species. We are trading knowledge for money. I think knowledge should be free. Knowledge is universal curent, not money. If inventor figure out how to do it, most likely people, who has money would steal from him idea or just kill him. I'm working on theory that anable traveling space at c. Trick is the origin of gravity.
  14. Hi All you need is to check on Joseph Newman machine!!! I'm trying to build small version of Aldo Costa wheel. Enjoy
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