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  1. Ebay should have something whihc should be of use to you
  2. google "ob/ob mice" and do some research in that area, it will help you out a lot
  3. Pretty much i speak urdu also and sarcasm is expressed in this language more so that any other language lol
  4. I once got stabbed as well that hurt quite a bit
  5. Are the MCATS for medical admissions? sorry im from UK Im intrested i was recetnyl accpeted into a UK med school, and was wondering how the medical admissions process works abroad
  6. Yes this makes sense as carrying tools they would need to be bipedeal to have two hands free to carry things
  7. That is definatly an intresting article, but creationists could still put forward an argument
  8. Thanks for all the info, this something that I have been curoious about for a while
  9. Breaking my arm, never felt any pain worse than that
  10. has anyone else found that firefox3 crashes more than the previos version, thats what i have found
  11. I think a lot of people are too lazy to make thier own biofeul and thier aint no filling stations for biofuel in thier neigbourhood
  12. To add to my last post i personally think adsense ads are ok, they dont pop up and buzz around they are there and if you want to clikc thhem you can, its mainly up to you. If it wasnt for the ads how would the webmaster be able to keep up hosting costs
  13. Ok in terms of current treatment methods, im not sure if there are any effective ones But potential future therapies, include aminoglycosides, gene therapy, chimeroplasts, myoblast transformation and utrophin upregulation Look up these terms.
  14. I agree this does seem to be plausible ive studies diabetes and think replacement of beta cells through surgery can have a theraputic effect
  15. I use nature, science blogs and science daily
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