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  1. Ophiolite has responded by saying: "Are you seriously suggesting that the astronauts possess superhuman abilities? That is what you have said. You also have said that bus drivers possess superhuman abilities. Nonsense. They possess very normal human abilities. They have good eyesight, coordination andd attentiveness - all very normal human attributes, arising out of their genetics and their environment. Several times a year I find myself teaching an intesive class for nine hours a day, doing further work in the evening and averaging, if I am lucky four hours sleep a night, for two weeks. I can assure you I am not superhuman, but boringly normal." Maybe to me these people appear superhuman because they can do everyday things that I cannot do. Everything is relative really. Bus drivers and pilots can do things that I cannot do such as driving and flying an airplane for many hours every day without any fear of injury and they appear to this everyday it without much trouble. So relative to me these people appear superhuman because they do things every day that I cannot do. But relative to you these people appear normal because you are also probably a normal person like they are. But then again I could be just a biochemical blob and therefore cannot be compared to normal people because I just don't work like normal people.
  2. But your examples are childish and irrational so I just had to point it out. Also you have no shred of proof that we actually have free will. If we can't even choose what we will have for lunch, then why do you think that we have free will?
  3. "But no such person exists so it's pointless to speculate about them in this way." Of course they exist. Just look at astronauts or pilots for example. Astronauts must be extremely resilient and healthy because they must deal with the harsh environment of space and they also don't get to eat and sleep much when they are on a space mission. The same goes with airline pilots. Some airline pilots work extremely hard. Being an airline pilot is not an easy job either. That's because they need to have good concentration, good alertness and some good skills to deal with difficult situations which can occur in the flight. If they even make one mistake, they risk the lives of anyone in the airplane (including their own of course), such as what happened to Air France Flight 447 which crushed in the Atlantic ocean, killing everyone onboard the aircraft. The same goes with bus drivers. Some bus drivers are required to drive extremely long distances every day and they must be healthy and feel well if they must be able do it.
  4. Wikipedia tends to complicate things and after reading a lot of articles on Wikipedia I became totally confused. So could you please tell me the difference between physics, astronomy and cosmology? Also what is the difference between astronomy, astrophysics and physical cosmology?
  5. It cannot only be genetics though. If a person has superhuman abilities and by superhuman I mean like the Cyborgs you see in the Terminator franchise for example) like being strong, resilient, extremely energetic and doesn't need to eat and drink much to stay in top shape, then it cannot be just genetics which gives him these abilities. Since it cannot be just genetics I think it must be something or someone else who gave him extraordinary abilities. What I think is that maybe Satan or the Devil or some other very powerful being can interfere with the way our body works and give some people superhuman abilities.
  6. But in school they taught me that genetics is only 50% of who we are. Look at Arnold Swartzeneger for example. He won first place in competitions with bodybuilders who would destroy him genetically like Sergio Oliva. Still it was his mind and thinking outside the box that let him win. Its more about working on yourself and reaching your potencial than just genetics. Its also about realising what you have and using it smart. Look at the movie "Gattaca" for example. It says it all.
  7. That's because genetics is not all we are. Genetics probably make less than 50% of who we are. Also the nature of consciousness cannot be explained by physiology alone. What I mean is that the way the human body functions cannot on its' own explain consciousness and personality and sentience. This is where physics comes into the picture. And by physics I mean electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum field theory, particle physics, special and general relativity, astrophysics, physical cosmology and quantum gravity. The workings of the universe is still a big mystery but I don't think that consciousness is the product of the physical body (or of physiology) alone.
  8. Nah I don't buy it. I think that people invent all sorts of crazy theories to help them cope with the idea that one day we'll going to die. It's probably just a coping mechanism that people invent to help them cope with their death and the loss of loved ones. But one thing is really certain though. One day we are really all going to die.
  9. In Gamespot several posters brought up the idea that our reality could be a computer simulation. Personally I think this idea is interesting and could maybe be related to general relativity, quantum gravity, loop qunatum gravity, superstring theory and M-theory. I mean what the hell is consciousness and how do we even know that there is a world outside from what we sense and percieve. Are we even experiencing the whole of reality or only what our mind and it's limited capacity can make sense of? http://www.gamespot.com/forums/topic/29381943/have-you-ever-wondered-if-reality-is-a-simulation
  10. Or maybe I am just a biochemical blob. This is why I am so sensitive to small injuries. It could be that I am just a biochemical blob and that my physiology is just different somehow (or maybe even inferior physiology) than other people who are not "biochemical blobs" like me. I don't like this idea but it could be true.
  11. Finally someone rational in this forum. I think that it can be easily argued that it is God's fault that he made us so corrupt and so selfish. So God really has no one to blame but his own mistake for making us the way we are.
  12. No one knows what life really is. Also as to us being more complicated than a rock, I think that actually we could be exactly like a rock. Just like a rock we are also made of atoms and molecules (that's because genes are just molecules) and just like a rock we are also governed by the laws of physics such as electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, general relativity, particle physics and so on. So maybe 'fundamental' physics like the physics of black holes, quantum mechanics, general relativity, quantum gravity, astroparticle physics and the study of dark matter and dark energy could shed more light on what life really is and how life is connected to the other objects in the universe. As Joe Rogan puts it, life really is the most uber-bizarre and mysterious thing ever. I mean we don't even understand the universe and how it works and how life is related to the universe. I think you should really see this video " "
  13. Free will is an illusion. You have no evidence that we actually have free will. If a child is being raped by a stranger, I can intervene and stop it if I see it. Now following your logic, God just lets it happen and waits until after death to deal with it. So my rationality tells me that god is not just in any way. In other words God, if he even exists, is a monster.
  14. But that's bullshit (no offense of course) because we have no evidence that any God exists except in the imagination of man.
  15. "The Egg" story is of course not realistic at all. I don't think that the universe is really so kind to us or that it so individual-centered. Evidence shows that the universe can be quite a cruel place sometimes and that's not always so human-centered. I mean the universe lets entire galaxies collide so I don't think it cares about us so much. We tend to believe that everything in the universe is centered around humans but in the universe this isn't quite so. Maybe we aren't really so important. Or maybe God doesn't really exist after all and it's all just the universe or the multiverse or even human imagination doing its thing. See for example
  16. My question assumes there is a God. So what is really he logical solution to this assuming there is a God and that God is love?
  17. There is no end to the questions but in the bottom line, the question is: If there is a God and like it's written, God is love then why does God allow all the suffering in the world to exist? Why did God allow the Holocaust to happen or the Rwandan genocide or the civil unrest in Syria which killed thousands of people? And why are there so many poor people in the world? Why are there disasters like Hurricanes, Tornados, earthquakes, droughts, heat waves, famines, diseases and disabilities, road accidents, all of which claim thousands of lives in each year. My suspicion is that perhaps God is not so good (or maybe he is just corrupt) because if he was good then he would have done everything he can to stop all the suffering in the world. But the fact is, he doesn't do that.
  18. Is it true that there is an infinite number of colors but this doesn't mean that the human eye can distinguish an infinite number of colors? Just as there are infinitely many numbers between 380 and 740 - including all of the fractions, of course - so there are infinitely many wavelengths between 380 and 740 nanometers - the visible spectrum of light. That doesn't even count the different tints and shades obtained by mixing in white, black, etc. So, it can be argued that there is an infinite number of colors, if you look at it that way. http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/dyeblog/C128544578/E1447734446/
  19. Yes but this link doesn't answer all of my questions. I mean how many different colors are there in reality? And how many colors can the human mind (or the brain whatever you want to call it) even recognize? Is it possible for us to "see" colors without the brain? Is there consciousness outside the brain? Is there life after death? What happens to consciousness after we die? What is life and what is death? Also how do we know that there are fundamental particles? What is the shape and color of fundamental particles like photons, electrons, neutrinos and quarks, for example? What is the shape and color of a neutrino or a quark or an electron? Is the universe infinite and if so, how? All these are questions that we just can't answer. Joe Rogan is right. The universe is just bizzarely complicated and the more we think we understand reality, the more we discover that we actually know very very little. I mean the universe must be the most uber-bizarre and complicated thing ever. Please you have to watch that video by Joe Rogan:
  20. Nothing is just the absence of anything. It is an infinite void. Could the universe have originated from nothing? The answer to that would have to be no, for the reasons I stated below. According to my definition of nothing it is impossible for anything to originate from it. My definition of nothing is: 1) It must be timeless. 2) It must have always existed and could not have been created. 3) It is unchanging. 4) Nothing else can exist. By definition then nothing must be an infinite void. If nothing exists according to my definition then it would HAVE to be infinite. 5) It is unable to create anything. I hope I have made this point absolutely clear, this is what having nothing would mean, absolutely nothing anywhere. The only conclusion I can draw from that is nothing cannot exist, because we do. Could nothing have existed in the past? No. If it existed in the past, then some event must have taken place to end it. And an event would be impossible in nothing, so nothing could never have existed because we do, and as our universe now exists, nothing can never exist in the future either. Why could an event not happen in nothing? Because apart from the obvious that there is nothing to happen, an event would create and require a moment in time. There can be no time in nothing as relativity describes time as just another dimension. http://www.thekeyboard.org.uk/Where%20universe%20from.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothing_comes_from_nothing
  21. No I think Satan exists and he is an evil being. I experienced him and he inflicted great pain and misery into my life. I believe that the devil (also called Satan) exists and that he can inflict great pain and suffering, like did to me.
  22. Many atheists say that God is just evil or maybe he just doesn't exist because of the great injustices in the world. Personally I think that if God exists then he must be evil. I mean why else would God ignore suffering, poverty and injustice? Also the existience of hell would be the worst thing possible. No contest. Any god that would allow something like that to exist is evil. Immoral. Corrupt. Whichever adjective is needed to convey that whatever Deity is okay with an eternal hell no matter the person is a <profanity removed> of the highest order. Save me a seat if needed. http://dwindlinginunbelief.blogspot.co.il/2007/01/how-many-has-god-killed-complete-list.html "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist,, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." - Richard Dawkins
  23. Ancient aliens, as we envision them based on endless physical evidence found across the planet, does not actually refer to a group of extraterrestrial beings who came here once upon a time, but is more about those who create the consciousness hologram in which we experience and learn. Reality is consciousness created in the matrix of time to study emotions. As we search for the truth behind the illusion about who created humans and other sentient life forms, we look to those who came from the stars - ancient astronauts or creation gods. http://www.crystalinks.com/consciousness.html http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/02/ancient-astronaut-theory-fact-or-fiction-2569270.html
  24. Actually we do have confirmation that aliens exist and are probably walking among us. Actually modern humans could the offspring of aliens like in the Horror drama TV series X-Files:
  25. Is it possible that Gods and Aliens really walked the Earth and that modern humans really are the descendants of these ancient gods and aliens? http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Ancient_astronauts
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