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  1. I do agree with jimmy in that sometimes terminology is used in manuscripts that seem a little "too educated" but the audience should have a handle on basic science and be able to decipher the context. That being said, a little basic information may be required in some instances. The company I work for has both chemists and biologists that work together and write papers to be submitted to either biological or chemical publications. Therefore, you may have a chemist reading a paper that was written by biologists and vice versa so a little basic info in the background is needed, as it is inten
  2. The animals that are used for scientific testing are treated better than some house pets and people, as far as diet and room conditions are concerned. There are many different steps even before animal testing gets approved for a facility to ensure that the best measures are taken. Many protocols have included information about limiting pain and discomfort so that the animals do not feel these. Some protocols have to be stopped do to these issues. Testing is not done haphazardly in animals. Cell and some tissue sudies are conducted prior to animal studies. The funny thing is that some
  3. There are chemicals to increase and decrease pool pH but nothing to decrease Cl levels. Generally, the Cl levels will go down after a little time (a day or two depending on how high a dose is). It's generally the pH that affects swimmers with itchy, dry skin and eyes, not the chlorine. We're pool owners and mainly worry about the chlorine so that nothing starts growing in the pool that shouldn't.
  4. True, cellulosic plastics ar used currently from toys to food pacaking. For food packaging, there are warnings about not using it in the microwave since the melting temp is much lower than petroleum based. Regrind is difficult to work with in molding a new product. It is currently used in some applications but I don't think I would want IV tubing made from regrind as it is more brittle and less reliable. Heck, I take canvas bags when I shop and hope that I am helping. However, I think that some plastics are necessary in certain instances to prevent contamination. That being said, s
  5. Then how could one explain the "recycling" of fashions? There are many trendy clothes available today that are very much like 1980's styles and many of the women (girls) wearing these fashions did not wear them the first time around and many women who wore them originally, as young girls, are not wearing them now, even the attractive, single women. How does that fit if fashion (and mate attracting) is an ever evolving process? Would these fashions (tactics) be considered passe or "new" trends that a part of the single population doesn't keep up with? Just interested.
  6. The comment on the "smart kids" not being bullied, in my opinion, is wrong. I was one of the smarter kids in my classes but was bullied. For me, the reason being I was always the "new" kid in the class. Literally, for 5 school years, I was in 5 different schools. I think part of it is to re-establish the social hierarchy of the students and the reaction of the target will determine the extent and length of the bullying. The reasons for bullying is actually quite complex and may include developing social interaction skills, learning how to lead or follow, developing the ability to inf
  7. We only use di-water that is brought in from a supplier since we have no plumbing in the lab. Our buffers are already hydrated so it's not an issue anyway. The only thing I use the di-water for is to keep the incubator hydrated.
  8. Your major can have nothing to do with your career. I know many science majors that go into sales and marketing, not necessarily a "scientific" product either. Personally, I would go with something that you find interesting and can understand but still offers a challenge. Besides, not all bio careers are in academics. I was in academics for only 5 years in a 13 year (so far) career. You would be surprised how many companies will higher biologists, as well as the government. Some positions include writing documents, clincal trial organization, etc in addition to the benchwork positions.
  9. Water source is still the same. That's why I'm so frustrated with this; nothing's changed in the procedure but the growth rate (or lack of it).
  10. There will always be spelling and grammar mistakes. It's just how prevalent they are. I have issues getting through something that has gross issues that confuses the content. Small typos are easily tolerated. However, many mistakes can be caught with a quick proofing before the "send" button is pushed.
  11. We use dipsosable plastic, cell culture treated. Dishes from the same bags have been used with other cell lines with no problems. I made the complete media from freshly purchased components. Complete media was sterile filtered. Again, components are used in media for other cell lines that have had not problems.
  12. Do you have the RAW numbers instead of the percentages? I don't like percentages because 9 of 10 is 90% as well as 900 of 1000 but the RAW numbers will give a better indication in the numbers of people who commit suicide in any form. If the 34% for jumping off high places is 34 in 100, and handguns is 9 of 10 then jumping has more suicides the handguns, in this simplified example.
  13. It would be great to have an alternative. I do think the $40K price will have to go down for me to buy though. We had the hybrid option of our vehicle for that price and it was out of our range, esp now that hubby was laid off from work (happening to many now).
  14. I need to pick some brains: We have been using OVCAR-3 cells in our lab for years. All of a sudden, they are dying after a few days in culture. This happens a few days after trypsininzation and reseeding. The culture conditions are the same, the media are all the same (fresh). The other cell lines are doing fine. We have received new aliquots from ATCC and it happens. This also happens to cells that we thaw from cryopreservation. It's very frustrating because this has been going on for some time and has caused havoc. Any ideas?!
  15. Tell someone who hunts for food that guns have no purpose other than entertainment or bodily injury. Some areas will allow hunters two tags during deer season instead of one. One is for the the hunter and the other is for the same hunter to kill a deer for a needy family that has no money to buy meet. And yes, you do have to take a class in order to get a hunting license in Illinois, unless the law has changed in the last few years..
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