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  1. is that the level where you have to enter a password or the tricky level if its the tricky level a hint could be compare the other address and see what is different then look at the level 3 address because sometimes it is better to go BACK then forward or if that doesnt help heres a spolier http://www.dievo.org:82/apprentice/level3/ but if its the level with the password then yes i need help to i have tried to save the swf file but it doesnt seem to work
  2. thank you for that the geek but that is what i did for the first level that gives you the ip for that but not the local ip its finding the local ip that is the difficult one
  3. does anybody know how to find the local ip on novice level 2 it is really anoying now
  4. im still stuck on level 3 and the only thing that i can find different is the . ./ and when you type that in it comes up no peeking
  5. im getting an apple ipod plus a few games for my xbox, 3 books by edgar allen poe plus other things edit: this is what i have found so far, im still looking
  6. to open batteries i use wire cutters small hand held ones i cut i hole in the top of the battery then pull apart and to get the black powder out i cut the length of the battery downwards and it just crumbles out, that simple brute force:)))
  7. absolute zero=the lowest temperature theoretically possible improbable
  8. where can one buy lead balls from they are going to be used in a ball mill so they need to be quite a large size but not to big about 1/2-1 inch
  9. yes and i be that bugger:))) no i wouldnt risk grandpa being thrown in jail i would find some other way of getting it, but getting ammonia is no problem as long as i find a brand which sells it
  10. well im a few months off besides my grandpa would get it for me if i carnt get it, where can you get it from then if you have to be 18 to buy it
  11. can you still buy household ammonia or have they stoped selling if you can buy it what brand does it come under
  12. heres a link to a video of a green laser pen a little bit more costly but it is a powerfull one http://wickedlasers.com/products.php?var=ok click on the video Edit: i have had a look at the bottom and you can get 40-50mW Edit: heres a link to a 5mW laser picture you can see it very well
  13. what your dad lets you do these experiments i have to wait untill they go out before i can do mine but its not that bad dad works away and mums on call so my parents are hardly here, this is an example of how strict my parents are i wanted to do a simple electrolesis when i was about 12-13 years old and to do that i had to beg my parents, then i had to do it outside and away from the house, so now i just wait untill they are out before i do them and heres a thing to remember its much easier to say sorry then it is to ask for permision:))))
  14. where do people buy there aluminium powder from all i have found is one pottery supplier and one fiberglass supplier the fiberglass one does not use that fine of mesh so it is quite useless so i need to find some more suppliers in england any will do
  15. what thats it its that easy how much lo-salt should i add to if i had say 50g of sodium perchlorate does'nt it matter say in excess eg 60g also one more thing to make sure i have got rid of all the chlorates will the cristalization process get rid of them all if i do it twice sorry for keep asking all these questions i just want to make sure i have got everything clear before i make it Edit: do you use the coffee can or coke can as a steel electrode or do you use something else Edit2: what do you do about the chlorine when you produce 20+ ltrs just leave a bottle of ammonia around Edit3: and do you have to check the amps as well as the water level every few hours Edit4: how can you dry either potassium or sodium perchlorate
  16. well that's fine with me so my set up will be in a shed and even if chlorine is produced it wont be near any people and by the time process has finished the chlorine should be in the atmosphere:)))) all i need to know now is what i asked above 1. will the 5v battery charger be better because it has more current 2. when i have made sodium perchlorate should i make a solution of sodium perchlorate and lo-salt and use electrolysis to make potassium perchlorate 3. will 3 days be enough for the reaction to finish 4. should i still check the amps to get a reading of 8-12 on the carbon rod or is this rubbish Edit actually ill do it in my garage at least there is a mains supply in there, will there be any problem with the chlorine reacting with any chemicals in the garage or is there not going to be enough chlorine produced to do any damage by. chemicals i mean garden chemicals weed killer ect
  17. i suppose i could use a shed and connect my battery charger to an extension cord ha problem solved, but i still want to know how much hydrogen and chlorine will be produced from 60g of sodium chloride and 400ml of water and if there is an actual danger of an explosion
  18. bloody hell i thought i would be in the clear now i have to worry about hydrogen and chlorine reacting and exloding to for hydrogen chloride gas the process isnt as simple as its made out to be Edit: coming to think about it i dont think that much hydrogen will be produced i use to set up an electrolysis set using pencil leads a 9volt battery and two bottles upside down in water and i left it for about 2 hours for some reason i could never produce any hydrogen but i managed to produce a little oxygen this way but it was a very small amount all i can think what went wrong with the hydrogen is that it floated away when i went to ignite it
  19. sorry i know i said ill ask no more questions but anyway ) should i still be conserned about the chlorine or will a window open be enough and when should i add the lo-salt once i have made sodium perchlorate and then should i a make a solution of sodium perchlorate and lo-salt and electrolise it and this will give me potassium perchlorate if so then that will be good because i can see the differnces between potassium and sodium perchlorate Edit: which battery charger will work better the 5v or the 10w but the 5v one does have more current then the 10w
  20. i dont know if you have read the edit above but i am using 12g of sodium chloride and 48g of potassium chloride but considering it is harder using a K salt i will use a Na salt so will 60g of Na salt work to get roughly 100g of sodium perchlorate, and will my battery charger be fine for the current i have either 10w one input: 200-240v 135mA 50-60Hz output: 10w or the 5volt one input:100-240v ~ 0.4A 50-60Hz output: 5v= 2A and i will be using 400ml of water will this set up be fine also should i still going to be concernd with the chlorine using this small sorry these are the last things i am going to ask if everything is fine hopefully:))) how long will it take using the 5v battery charger because it has more currents still about 2 days
  21. so will a battery charger with 10w be the right current and what molarity should it be for say 100g then or at least 50g because it mentions if you have a very high concentration of potassium chloride it starts producing more chlorates which i do not want, i am using potassium chloride to make potassium perchlorate because its a better oxidiser ect even though it does take longer to make and is less soluble, and i am 18 im may not exactly a kid and one more thing how is it possible to heat the solution and keep it at say 40c especially with a plastic bucket because even if you used a heat resistant container a very low heat will still go higher then 40c in two days two days a least if i use the correct molarity voltage and heat ect Edit: i have got 12g of sodium chloride and 48g of potassium chloride for about 100g of potassium perchlorate will this molarity be fine
  22. well my battery charger use's a main socket supply but batterys does seem like a good idea but how long will thay last not very long i assume
  23. i am going to make a small amount first i was going to half all of what the instructions said first so i make about 200-250g so that means im only going to use about 1 ltr of liquid just because i said i have a gallon bucket it doesnt mean im going to use a gallon bucket i am using that so the mixture doesnt spil over ect and my sister no longer sleeps in that room she now goes to university and her bedroom is the furthest away from mine other wise i would have done it in the spare room )) see i am using my brains i dont want to get hurt:))) also buggar on the cat poo and wee i dont think i will try that method so i guess i will just have to leave it damn!
  24. i have a plastic buckect which can hold about a gallon of liquid its square it used to hold lawn feed i was going to do it in that with either a coke can or a paint can as one electrode and get a carbon rod, i was also going to get potassium chloride from low salt, and leave out the potassium chromate, and the charger is i have just had a look input: 200-240 V 135mA 50-60Hz output: 10 W i was going to put the equipment in my sisters room with a window open, but now i am not sure because i dont think i can get hold of ammonia unless if the cat litter will work then i will use that but again will it be able to cope with the amount of chlorine given off
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