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  1. So, the introduction, ok... "Hello, everyone, my name is Manuela, I´m 25 and I´m mexican" So far, so good "I have special interest in Astronomy, Cosmology and Exobiology and I decided to join this forum in order to learn and share some ideas" I think that´s all, was it good?
  2. Ok, according to our favorite local ufologist (who claims he has mayans roots), the 2012 is not going to be the end of the world: is the year we´ll make contact with the alien civilization that has visiting us for centuries. According with the local new age groups that also use mayan prophecies to win some extra cash, it will be about " the birth of a new mankind (in spirit of course). So, we had three choices to decide what are we gonna do that year. I wont recomment to pay a visit to the archeologycal sites, though
  3. Well, as far as we go, Pluto is no longer a planet or a dwarf planet, today is a plutoid, which is an dwarf icy planet beyod the orbit of Neptune. That will make Eris a plutoid as well, but I´m not sure if Eris is icy as well. So, seems we don´t have something that we could call a tenth planet... Anyway, I would not be thinking about printing new astronomy books for the next five years at least.
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