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  1. oops, thats why My cal are off by a long way. Thanks guys! PS can you show me how this was worked out as I can the numbers close to YT's but I'm out by a factor of 10. (EG 981.81 HR)
  2. Hi guys, Its been a while and my brain has gne soft, (blows the dust off the chess set). Right, I've got a LED it is a 2.5V at 11mA I've got a battery at 1.5V 1800mA How long would the battery last if the led worked at this low voltage. worked it out and I got some silly number, something like 43 sec's. Can someone show me the way this would be worked out so I know for the future. My cals were: (1.5 * 1.8)/(2.5 * 0.011) That says my led would only last 108s, my maths has gone!!! Jon.
  3. aha from what I've read (a few years back) you can boil it then heat it like you say but I'm not sure on any numbers at all. lol. But I've got a shed load of it, from my home made air filter. If you find a fish shop (pet fish, not dinner) they sell it for filters. There is an online Co that sell it very cheep but for small amount wilkos sells it. I'll try and find my link tonight about cleaning A, carcoal and let you know.
  4. nice, I've baan wanting to get some palladium to make a Hydrogen cell, but I never got around to looking for it, lol. Cool none the less
  5. Points finger at mum and GF. lol. Yeah I always lable my things.
  6. lol. Nah I dont mean heating I mean letting it warm to room temp, Not that it matters now, Yeah I had the copper probes in the water all the time. I did get to a point with one sample of black crap plating out, lol. Thats whne I knew the soln was full.
  7. aha, I'm getting there slowly but its fun on its way, Yeah the blue/white precipitate with room temp water did make me think. I was using 12V (I know its too much but its all I've got atm). Now I know What I'm getting that will help. I think I remember That there is something good about copper hydroxide but I'm not sure what it was. I'll be back with more later in the week, Even tho it didnt do anything that I thought I've still learned something, and thats the best bit,
  8. I could of sent you some Barium nitrate,I had 250g or so of it, wasted most of it as I put it on a fire ( the only way it would do anything). I've about 100g left of so,
  9. So Now I've got a better power suplly I didnt the age old thing. Salty water and copper electrode. You know the story, You get (blue) copper hydroxide and (brown) copper oxide. The copper hydroxide will decomposses if over a certain temperature. So I thought lets cool it and try and make just copper hydroxide. So I Let the salty water sit in the freezer until nice and cool and then placed in a ice bath just to make sure. But I didnt get copper hydroxide. I got a green/brown precipitate. I'm sure I made copper chloride. I tested this by taking a sample of the sludge and adding Sodium hydroxide. I got copper oxide precipitate and copper hydroxide soln I did the same with my sample of copper oxide as a control test, No reaction. I also notice if I dont descent a sample it will (as it warms) turn into copper hydroxide(which is should anyway). There is one thing I did notice with all this, is that the salty water and sodium hydroxide will form different layers. This can be used to change what is made. If I've missed any information out let me know as I've had to type this 2x as the library computers are.....(fill in blank).
  10. The penny has finally dropped from a great height... I've made nitric acid later I'm going to make HCl acid. I wasnt thinking along the right lines at first. Iwas thinking I would mix the chems and heat to give off the gas, BUT not because of boiling away the water. So now I know why it seemed as if I didnt have a clue.
  11. Just to make sure, it does require boiling yeah?
  12. aha, So now I can get some sulphur from it, lol. I always try and look on the bright side,
  13. I was thinking that, but wouldnt changing the voltage not change the rate of this?
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