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  1. The version I've heard on that is that you should not drink milk, tea, Coca cola or coffee with red meat or other iron rich food if you have poor iron status or a diet low in iron. This because calcium and polyphenols reduced iron absorption. I guess that it could be argued that you shouldn't combine them otherwise either since the body can not use the nutrients of the meat as well as otherwise, but it should not be directly harmful because of these reasons. http://web.mit.edu/athletics/sportsmedicine/wcrminerals.html Under the headline "Iron (A trace mineral)"
  2. Since only one example is given, and no other information, it could be pretty much anything. But the most probable I can think of is the sum of the numbers. Then the first one is 1+1+4+2+3+1+6=18. And the second 1+2+1+3+3+5 =15
  3. Greetings gentlemen, ladies and hermaphrodites. I'm from Sweden, which happens to mean that the weather is awful most of the time and there really is no reason not to stay in and do science. My preferred areas of science is math, physics and engineering. At the moment I'm studying for a masters degree in vehicle engineering with a focus on aerospace.
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