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  1. my scattered thought of the day a slave to this solitude my mind of sand steadily slips through my fingers Oh how the sweet melody madness plays leaves me to vulnerable to its seductive dance this symphony is like a thousand butterflies beating its wings against the blowing wind with no end within my grasp i find myself unraveled at the core humming its ancient tune in this world where the spoken words have been forbidden By Olala ^.^)/
  2. my scattered thought of the day ok so this is a crazy thought i have been told but its better to have a thought then not to think at all right? Q:Why do ghost open doors and make sound when walking? A: well ghost 1st of all are not dead people they are able to move around unseen because they are like chameleons the reason they come to your home at night is to feed off your aura u may be saying as you read this that it sounds crazy but when you think about it trees feed off sun light so not so crazy sounding now huh? here is a test anyone can do at home look up at a light now take your finger and keep it up to your face in the light in 35sec you will start to see your finger no longer it does not mean that your finger is no longer solidnow that would be a crazy thought ^.~)? wink wink By Olala ^.^)/
  3. my scattered thought of the day <br style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 16px; background-color: rgb(248, 250, 252); "> spinning in the middle of the room teetering on its edge is this looking glass that holds no reflection no aroma no sense of reality i close my eyes staring back at this empty frame i cant help but wonder when did i lose that which held back this darkness were thee truly the light in which my soul so easily embraced i kneel before thee as this hollow creation begging give me back that breath of life and i shall promise thee the embodiment of hell itself will have to pry it lose from these warmed lips By Olala ^.^)/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrEnoxyxVDY&feature=related
  4. my scattered thought of the day time is time i am time she softly whispered i am what i am and i am of a single sound mind when these words no longer lingered on her sweet soft lips she swung at this lie that hung before her so leaving many scattered shards of betrayal beneath it's newly battered frame and within this place where they once stood apart now are joined on the boards of the floor forever by one single glimmer of its two shattered forms By Olala ^.^)/ http://www.youtube.c...anLPw0Efmo&NR=1
  5. i have belief in god and UFO's i just dont think of god in the same way most do i think the book he gave us makes god sound like this something with an IQ of a mil +++++ try'n to tell us where and how we were made it even says i took a rib from man to make woman god could not say other words because we would not of understood them many other things talked about in the book makes it sound like a daddy talking to a child try'n to make that child understand and it even says that it never rained there where man and woman were 1st made that tells me we started in a lab not out in the world because god 1st made the world and said let there be light and rain and so on By Olala ^.^)/
  6. my scattered thought of the day One mans obsession with a woman is another mans infectious diseases for the desire to make another mans treasure his own will in the end fuel thee art of war By olala ^.^)/
  7. you fixed it!!!! O'to have such powers! ty <3333333333 By Olala ^.^)/
  8. my scattered thought of the day <br style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 16px; background-color: rgb(248, 250, 252); "> my fate is bound and i can only stand by to see it pass with great despair for when i was sent to this world it was to defy but every time i would see a break in my woven design i could not take of it even when it beckoned unto me for you see i fell in love with he who murders me cursed with sight i have loved him all my life i cant stop loving him i can only find peace from it through the thought of hatred hatred that no matter how softly he is loved he can never love another lust, jeluocy, pity, wrath are his limits of emotion in the end i have come to terms with i can no more change his down fall then he can mine now for i see my life pass by one last time and it is as always he takes my hand in his and says stand by my side i nod and whisper i am yours pick me up and watch me fall to your feet for u are my self-proclaimed king who questions me when i kneel before him now why do you shun the inevitable sting of my kiss i answer with i am not without fear but i am ready to be devoured for i am your prey one that now enters your cage of its own free will By Olala ^.^)/
  9. i was saying that that could be proof that it can be done as in brand a planet By Olala ^.^)/
  10. prof it can be done? paulding light watersmeet, MI By olala ^.^)/
  11. my scattered thought of the day thee knows me as the still waters of serenity to define my embodiment is to take a step and walk among those truly deemed worthy in thine eyes the joyful tears of heaven found its place in all but thy own hollow ground this is why what was to rise within could never be set in motion for thy unraveling truth now hangs like a distant painting in a gated vast hall perpetually touched by only thy own sworn greed By Olala ^.^)/
  12. if sin is so bad why does it feel so good? By Olala ^.^)/
  13. (tt+.^b) .00004 = (tt-.C)(*x^A) (-.00003 Y.) By Olala
  14. my scattered thought of the day you'll be my mind i'll be your heart and together our flaws will mirror perfection By Olala ^.^)/
  15. i think the 1st thing to be known about time is that time is a lot like snow it may look alike but its not always the same no two are 100% alike By Olala ^.^)/
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