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  1. I am thinking that heat retention is how long the coffee stays hot in the coffeee cups. I am testing paper, plastic, styrofoam, ceramic, and stainless coffee cups to see which retains heat the longest. I took the temp every 10 minutes of the hot coffee in each cup until reached room temp. Just wanting to know how this all relates to science to beef up my project report. ...intermoleclar forces?? Thermodynamics?? Physics?? LOL!! My experiment is going well..I just want to have an awsome report to go with it any cool science websites that relate to heat retention??
  2. I am doing a Jr High science project...on the heat retention of differen types of coffee cups.....any wat to beef up this experiment ..is this physics? Chemistry? What causes heat retention?? any websites to do more research? any advice is greatly appreciated
  3. I am doing a jr high science experiment testing the heat retention of different types of coffee cups..styrofoam, paper, plastic,ceramic, and stainless steel. Is heat retention physics? Thermodynamics? What causes heat retention? I would like to make a really good report on this subject...does this involve intermolecular forces?? any websited to help with my research..I have done 2 trials of my experiment but want to beef up my research and report .. Thanks!!
  4. USA Todaydated February 11, 2010 had a front page article on Biochar
  5. agalla


    How about Plant population? overcrowding of plants in the ecosystem? How much space do plants need to have an abundant growth rate? Plant 10 seeds into a small container, 9 in the next container, 8 in the next and so on... Record the growth by measurements. Which seeds germinated first? This might be an interesting subject.
  6. Of course, don't give anyone online your personal address or personal details while checking out biochar stuff, OK?

  7. Wanting to do an experiment about allelopathy in sweet potatoes....any suggestions or ideas on how to set up this experimet?? Thanks!!
  8. I'm in 6th grade and have been studying about biochar...Ireally want to do my science fair project on this subject. Any suggestions on how to set up a classroom experiment? I thought about growing tomatoes? Ideas ..sugestions greatly welcome:) Thanks!!!
  9. This sound quite interesting!! A public place thats busy would be a great place to do this.
  10. I am tryingto set up a 6th grade science experiment on biochar. We will be growing tomatoes organically and tomatoes using biochar (ashes fro campfire or a fireplace mixed with soil. how much biochar to soil ratio? How would be the best way to set up this experiment? Help!! Any ideas?? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated...also to measure the results? should we measure to growth and production of the plants?
  11. I haven't done this experiment yet....I was just doing research on it over the summer. I will be doing it soon and let you know how it turns out . I am excited about this experiment and can't wait to get started. I wanted to do it correctly so I don't waste alot of money on supplies by not doing it right.
  12. CooL!! I think I've got it!! One LAST question (Promise!!) Should the pads face up or down in the petri dish? I am ready to rock on this experiment!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!
  13. I found out where to get the petri dishes and agar. Do you think this will work? I plan to test 4 different brands of antibacterial bandages and use 1 plain bandage as my control. I think I should remove the sticky part of the bandages using only the pads. I plan to swab my mouth for bacteria and rub onto the bandage pads and place them in the petri dish and store them in a warm place undisturbed. after about 48 hours I will check for bacterial growth. I can measure with a metric ruler? Any thoughts about if this will work as a good science project. I haven't worked with agar or petri dishes .
  14. go to google and type in Steve Spangler Science Bill Nye Science Guy Drangon fly TV Zoom kids These are all great science sites for kids!!!
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