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  1. Interesting. But I am not sure if I understand the implication correctly... Are you suggesting that the difference between your calculation and the measurement is caused by the Higgs field itself? Then, can you calculate this difference the other way around (I mean starting from the expectation)?
  2. I don't think that you have to be gifted (IQ > 130) to get this, and this is what Einstein probably meant with the 2%. Solving the riddle can be done by a simple algorithm which means that basically everyone can do it. Just look what fits, write it down, repeat. In my solution, there was only one step where I had to think 3 steps further to get it, but even that can be done by simple try and error in less than 25 min. In addition to ydoaPs's solution:
  3. And even if there is the smallest chance that something like that exists, I bet that it will be very hard to use it. I guess the area of application you mean is preventing inertia or similar, but that requires not only the control over the gravity but also an information transport which has to be faster that light. If you want to "activate" the anti-gravity before the real gravity effect takes place, to have to do that without a millisecond of delay, because otherwise you might end up as a fly at your rear window
  4. Hello guys, I am looking for a console program or a Software Development Kit to do the following: I want to make a program (Java or C++) which fetches document scans from my scanner and then optimizes and crops them and runs a OCR (optical character recognition). The 1st thing I want is to get a searchable pdf file and a text file I can send to my database. The 2nd challenge is to analyze the file and categorize it in categories like invoice, receipt, letter... I can do that by barcode recognition or by interpreting the size (or anything similar). And then I want to run specified tasks lik
  5. @Appolinaria, thanks for pointing out the facts. It helps a lot when you are questioned faster than you can type Nice try but not what I mean. Of course you can consider human babies differently than cows because they are obviously not the same when you look at their abilities, or at they human-likeliness. But you are suggesting that there is a key difference of a fundamental difference that makes killing the one right while not the other one, and that kind of difference I have never proposed. Yes, you can do whatever you want. But don't say that would be ethical!
  6. Your logic is that it is okay to raise cows to eat them because of reasons that are not connected to cows. And when you argue like that, I can replace the cow with a baby and the logic still works as good as yours (which does not work). As I said, tell me the key point what completely separates human from animal without doing it like I described above. THERE we have the POINT! This is just provable wrong. Please read my last posts and look it up, get some information and ask any world-economist or biologist you want. The human body dose not require animal protein. It is a
  7. Apart from the fact that we could use the pasture to plant rye, animals don't consume all the stuff we couldn't. Just the first quotation I've found while searching: "According to a recent report by Compassion in World Framing, "[c]rops that could be used to feed the hungry are instead being used to fatten animals raised for food." It takes up to 10 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of edible animal flesh.". Feel free to inform yourself
  8. Okay, absolutely the second one. But lets expand your view. Is it more ethical to eat wild animals, or self-made animals, OR not to eat animals and instead make food that could supply everyone? As I said, if we would stop feeding animals (to make food out of them) with feed that we could consume, we would have enough to erase all starvation. We are not herbivores, we are omnivores, but that does not mean we have to eat everything, that means we can decide what we eat. The allegation we could not eat meal is as false as the allegation we could not not eat meal.
  9. Since we are all reasonable critical thinking individuals I am sure that no one is going to quote from the bible to explain why humans are not cows. That is the base for this discussion So, I say that humans are just animals. Animals with some very developed abilities and with some abilities which are not the top of the evolution. Humans are just some a bit advanced animals, and that is way I am equating them at least a little. Or can you give me a provable or falsifiable argument why humans differ in a key aspect from animals? Provable means no statements like "because animals have n
  10. No, no, no. I am not suggestion that this could lead to other things, because that is an stupid argument which I am facing very often in other discussions... No, I want to say, that there is ethically no difference and I wanted to show that by giving a situation in which the exact same ethic would lead to something which we both consider wrong. And thats the case here. When you say that it is okay to "kill [cows] humanely when [You] need them for food" BECAUSE you "raised them, treated them well and feed and watered them" it is a logic which dose not differ from the killing babies when you f
  11. Your idea is simple utilitarianism. You give the being-alive of a cow a value, the being-alive of a human a value, the eating-a-cow a value and then you calculate and propose that an alive cow and an alive human but without the fun of eating-a-cow are at an higher value than human-living + eating-a-cow-fun. I am not a fan of utilitarianism but its quite useful in some cases. But as zapatos allready pointed out: The value of "survival, calories, nutrition, value, ease, social/family, evolution, economic, gratification, and taste" is in his eyes higher than the value of a cow being alive...
  12. It is not about eating, it is about importance and therefor value. You are sad when a friend dies, but you are not when some stranger dies. You are not happy about that sack rice that falls from your shelf but you are not even interested in th sack that falls over somewhere in china. I strongly disagree with the argument because that would mean that a human baby you create is in your control because it exist just because of you. You can not make a living thing for a reason. Personally I am not eating beef... but that is not important to this conversation. More important
  13. And, your questions which were not explained by correcting b and c: 1 That is in fact an ethical problem, because you could have a life without driving but bug can not live at your windshield. The ethics I concluded would dictate that it is not correct to drive. But as I explained I am not always acting fully ethical because I am also an egoist human. I would like to see car constructors building some kind of air layer hovering over the windshield (even if you think thats ) but until they do it, I keep killing bugs because I can not reach my goals (for example going from A to B) by respecti
  14. Okay, that is not exactly my logic because it is not logical. a. Yes, absolutely. You can do only things you have the power to do, and by definition you have the ability to behave ethically, therefor the right thing to do is the best thing you can do... b. Nope, that would be crazy. I say objective ethics means accepting that own wishes are not more important than other wishes because the owner wishes the own wishes. That is a theoretically assumption which is necessary to call the ethics objective. A wish by itself has a certain value, and it is not surprising that I might value my wish
  15. That is a good point of course, and I have to admit that the usage of the exact word "lettuce" was not as useful as rhetorically intended. I obviously mean non-human-like things (to not say not-living things...). But nevertheless where to make the line is a good question. To make a line we have to accept some facts: 1. There must be a line. 2. Animals must be rather inside than plants. Okay... maybe that are not facts, but hypothesis I want to prove now: 1: There must be a line because saying there is no line means you can kill everything (including humans which definitely would no
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