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    I believe God created the earth 4.57 billion years ago. He created the first cell 3.5 billion years ago...
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  1. I have a question on the genetics of size. I'll use dogs, since it's a good example since they vary greatly in size. Okay, try not to laugh when reading this question: If a 2-pound male chihuahua fathered puppies with a 200-pound female mastiff, about how big will the offspring be when full grown? Will they be closer to the midpoint (~101 lbs.), or would they be closer to the geometric average (~20 lbs.)? Are there dominant/recessive genes that control size?
  2. Most scientists accept that neanderthals and modern man are separate species, and that neanderthals died out about 40,000 years ago (give or take). Is it likely that legends of elves, trolls, orcs, nephilim, etc. may be derived from encounters between modern humans and neanderthals? Could oral traditions and stories of legendary humanoid creatures have survived so long, and have been originally referring to neanderthals? Just an interesting thought...
  3. I have a question about the big bang... How fast is everything moving? I've heard somewhere that the universe is 40 billion light-years across. If the universe is only 13.7 billion years old, and the big bang took place in what is now the center of the universe, then shouldn't the universe be less than 27.4 billion light years in diameter, assuming nothing can move faster than light? I thought I knew a lot about astronomy, but this one's confusing to me.
  4. Thanks for your help. I have the video ready on YouTube: Hope you enjoy!
  5. Nothing special, really. I'm not particularly creative, but I thought cre8ivmind would be a cre8iv username.
  6. So... is anyone going to provide any resources on canine evolution???
  7. cre8ivmind


    Just about my entire family are creationists. I used to be one, but I evolved.
  8. I forgot to mention... Linnaean (sp.?) classification seems to imply that chimps and humans are not as related to each other as lions and tigers, or horses and donkeys. Our genus name is different from the chimps, unlike the other two pairs of creatures: Chimps & us:Pan troglodytes and Homo sapiens Lion & Tiger: Panthera leo and Panthera tigris Horse & Donkey: Equus caballus and Equus asinus
  9. I'm sure transitional species between non-flight and flight must have been gliders. Is that true with Archaeopteryx? I keep flying squirrels. They don't truly fly; they glide. They have a fleshy bone-like protrusion on their forearms that separate from the elbow and remain attached to the wrist. Does anyone supposed more of these will evolve in the next few million years, and flying squirrels will evolve true flight? Sorry if these questions seem dumb or silly.
  10. I have a Youtube account where I am discussing religion and science. I am currently working on a video project on dog evolution. I'd like to find out about their canine ancestors who lived millions of years ago. Does anyone know of any good resources? Thanks
  11. I too have Aspergers. My family and friends know about it, but they don't fully understand it. Are Asperger people more concious about the natural world than other people, or is it just me?
  12. I've heard of an experiment where someone artificially inseminated female chimps, but it didn't work.
  13. I grew up in a Christian family, so I had been taught creationism. But over the years, I had "evolved" so to speak. I have a very keen interest in the natural world. I used to believe in the young earth, and then I believed in old earth, but not evolution. Then I started believing in evolution (of all life except for man) after majoring in Zoology in college. Now I believe in the evolution of man. I'm still Christian, and sometimes it's difficult to relate to others of the faith about this issue. I'm reading books about how to reconcile acceptance of evolution with the Christian faith. They're quite interesting resources.
  14. After having an education in Zoology, and with my general interest in the natural sciences, I am an ex-creationist. I have a question about evolution. I have heard it said that chimpanzees and humans are closer related to each other than horses and zebras, and to lions and tigers. If this is true, than why is it that the latter two pairs of creatures can interbreed, but humans and chimps can't? Thanks.
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