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  1. Hey, it's not a big deal isn't it? All right, there is a difference between Photons and Protons , but hey, it was an optic shortcut ! By the way: This women you mentioned, I visited some pages, she's terrible, please don't mention her with me in one sentence again!!
  2. Do you think that's possible? I mean, I could immagine the mamooth embryo being kind of bigger than the elephant embryo, the same for the further developed organism inside the placenta of the female elephant. As a result, would't the female elephant die? Also, I don't think, the embryo of the mamooth would be able to connect with the elephant since it's a diffrent species. It's like a human trying to get a monkey, would't work genetically, the whole thing is impossible!
  3. All right, we made a new species of bacteria,crops and so forth. But these organisms in fact do not have a very complicated genom. Take the genom of a monkey or a rat, it'll take a while until we are done with the whole analysis of the genetic material of monkeys. By the way: Why should men create new(absolute useless) species? I have serious concerns about this, ethically!
  4. Chem-Maniac


    Yeah, that's the only advantage they have...
  5. I'm pretty much sure that this method does not work, since you'll never find a complete DNA-strang or chromosome package in fossils by any chance. That's why jurassic park is complete nonsense(see other thread).
  6. Sure, protons have mass, one proton has the mass of 1,6748*10^-24g=1,008665u. What is energy? There are whole bunch of different types of energy,e.g. kinetic energy, warmth, light, electricity... Most of it has to do with motion of electrons within a molecule or an atom, or just simple with the motion of Ions... Protons are just involved, because they attract the electrons in an atom. But Protons for themselfes are never energy, although they have a charge, 1,602*10^-19 C.
  7. Hypnosis: It could work. As a matter of fact I tried it once. A friend of mine is studying psychology, got also trained in the field of hypnosis. One day there was a party at which I kind of lost the control over myself, due to the alc. You all made the experience, next morning I didn't remember anything, all was gone. A friend of mine told me a few things I couldn't really believe, thought he was kiddn me or something. But all guys I met who were at the party, were acting a little bit akward in my presence. So I asked the friend of mine, the psychologist to try his stuff with me, I had to know everything. Well, one thing is for sure: Now I don't really know execatelly what I did, but I know if it's true what people say to me I did, I have a certain feeling I didn't have before. Good luck to all guys in this freaky situation!!
  8. Question of bond angles The question of the bond angle of molecules can be answered by the VSEPR- theory. VSEPR stands for Valence Shale Electron Pair Repulsion. It is based on the fact, that free electron pairs use up more space than shared electrons. If we look at the molecule of ammoniac it has therefore a taetraedric form. The free electron pair of the nitrogen consums the same amount of space like a whole bond with the hydrogen atoms. The exact grade number we get from the geometry of three dimensional figures, like cube, taetraeder and so forth.
  9. Well, in the end it came out: There were no weapons of mass destruction, which was actually quite obvious to me and (thanks god) to my government. In fact the only things Iraq posses are a whole bunch of exited people, few radical religious groups and...oil. How can people who speak in favor of the war be so naive? And after the whole truth came out be so blind of naivity?
  10. I seriously don't see why a marriage allowed to only heterosexuals would draw the developement of a sociaty back. And other way around, why is it such a positive contribution to a sociaty if homosexuals are allowed to marry? Just bacause we can call ourselfes more tolerant? Could anyone tell me just one positive outcome of a law allowing gay people to marry? I can't think of anything right now. A marriage is a sacred thing, with a tradition going back almost to the roots of humanity. Gays marrying? No thank's.
  11. Evolution is not a matter of years, not even of decades. Okay, you're right if you say, selection is not taking place right now. Most countries have good health care, almost everybody can reproduce, we live in paradise . But on the other hand, think about what drives selection. Events of a dangerous outcome for a species have selectional worth. And now: How many such events took place in the recent 20 years, just in the U.S.? None. My conclusion: Right now there is no real selection,but there is still evolution and always will be. Just wait until the climate changes, a global war gets started, a Virus like Ebola breaks out and turns out to be an air-agent or a Meteor finally hits the earth. I guarantee you: You'll find yourself in a very selective environment.
  12. As a matter of fact planets are closed systems. You've got to differ between closed and isolated systems. Since the mass our planet gains from outer space is irrelevant, solar energy, warmth, is the only thing we exchange with space.Ergo: Closed system!
  13. Humans are the product of evolution, just as every living organism on this planet. An easy proof for this are the fossils found in Africa, Europe, China and North America. I doubt that those are the products of failed experiments of aliens. Anyways, in the phylogenesis of man there are still some missing links, but they do not contradict the theory of evolution.
  14. The whole topic is, at least in my eyes, tasteless. Sorry guys!
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