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  1. also theories of technical analysis could be discussed there, like ewt and such things
  2. We have no future on earth. And if we have, we create it from space.
  3. Sorcerer: Make your simulator and we'll see who's making the profit. You have until 2007 to build and market it (Virgin is up in 2007, right?).
  4. Welcome, another swede =). "Engineering physics", you mean "teknisk fysik"? Isn't that more like "Technical physics", or am I wrong?
  5. Hi obduro, I'm also 18, soon 19, and daydream all the time =). I drink alcohol, smoke cigars (occasionally) but don't take drugs. I avoid medicines, exactly like you. As a result I haven't been ill for more than 5 years except two colds every year (fall and spring). Earlier I had headaches very often, but now I don't. I think the best way to prohibit them is to sleep much, and avoid stress. However, my headaches mostly were migrain. Hope to see you more =). BTW, where do you live?
  6. The water starts boiling if it's low enough pressure in the vacuum-machine, doesn't it?
  7. Which one? The one pulkit posted, or the one I made out of pulkits?
  8. What do you mean with 600 years? Or you mean it's really close every 600 years?
  9. Ok, thank you. I actually thought the SI-unit for density was [MATH]kg/dm^{3}[/MATH] but I looked that up and found it isn't, it's [MATH]kg/m^{3}[/MATH]. That changed the answer to the ~10 m you are talking about. But I get ~10 m with every radius I'm testing with >0,0005, that can't be correct.
  10. Well, I confused the units for surface tension cause I used multiple pages to look up the answer. According to the page however I think it should be 728 N/m? That doesn't change the answer. So what am I doing wrong? You must have changed something to the better? =)
  11. That's why I used ", cause I didn't know exactly what it was =). Thank you for telling. But a beam of electrons... can we see that? Don't you mean photons? =/ The electrons hit the screen, coated with phosphor which glows.
  12. Red, blue and green "lamps" sends out color. The monitor mixes those colors inte the one you see. If you have a small drop of water on the screen you can see those "lamps".
  13. Thanks for the answer, I'm trying to test what you say. [MATH]\sigma = 728[/MATH] for [MATH]20^{o} C[/MATH] water http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/24_597.html Not sure with the decimals. Not sure of anything actually, don't like my results. [MATH]\rho = 1 kg/dm^{3}[/MATH] [MATH]\sigma = 728 dynes/cm[/MATH] [MATH]r = 0,001 m[/MATH] [MATH]p_{o} = 101300 Pa[/MATH] [MATH]g = 9,82 m/s^{2}[/MATH] Changed your formula like this: [MATH]h \rho g + \frac{2 \sigma}{r} =p_{o} [/MATH]->[MATH]h = \frac{p_{o}}{\rho g}-\frac{2 \sigma}{r \rho g}[/MATH]correct? With the above values h resulted -274,949 m, doesn't seem realistic =/. What am I doing wrong?
  14. I live in Sweden and will soon be 19 years =). Graduated from college this spring (school system in Sweden is different so college is not exactly the same as in the US, I've been to school for 12 years however). I like most types of science, except biology. Think I like Classical physics the most...
  15. Someone that knows how to calculate the surface tension?
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