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  1. Hi guys..... i urgently need a damm gud chemistry project for my school assignment....... Recently i got a idea abt estimation of nickel content in food.......especially in chocolates...........but didn't get any methods to find so.......Do any one of u know....anyway to do this???>........i have to estimate the amount of nickel......or test the presence in excess in chocolate.....
  2. hai visit http://www.sciencebuddies.org for simple ideas.....
  3. well....also the simple water electrolysis which can be shown...... veggie power (electricity from vegetable)......
  4. what was the distance between u and the object? Describe the structure. Where did u see the ship? tell the state and city. I am also from India.
  5. the 3 motion formulas can be used v = u + gt s = ut + 1/2 gt^2 v^2 = u^2 + 2gs
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by GrandMasterK Another quick question, do we have a measurement for the force of gravity? of course.. gravity is a force. newton is the unit. f = G * (m1*m2)/r^2 where G is a constant ( i can't remember) m1 & m2 are the 2 masses in kg (earth's and person) r is the distance between them
  7. I heard that ( i have seen) a huge plasma develop when we keep a candle in microwave!!!!!!!!!! what is it??
  8. how is that we gulp in air with drink????????
  9. u r right........i always experience that.
  10. isn't wave and particle by the substitution of planks equation and e = mc2
  11. some scientist created a equation to derive pi. anyone knows???
  12. sorry,...........guys. it was pi
  13. can anyone help me how to derive pie the value is commonly known as 22/7 and it is circumference by diameter. but is it broughty in no.???
  14. i have heard of it........... it will only change the interference... i hav read articles using this u can change the color of scrool bar, the start button , etc. it's really funny
  15. tHEIR are certain proteins in our body which stop synthesising after certain age. That is why we start aging.
  16. but for H2SO4 100% conc. can't be formed due to Azeotrophysm
  17. hi! I am Sanjay George . I am 16. highly attracterd towards astrophysics, nuclear physics, chemistry(organic),. I am a electronics hobbyst and tryout many projects..
  18. The most common in the nature is oxygen that why it's given so.
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