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  1. thats Hilarious...well while reading it I was having in mind such a genius boy he might be:D....but it isn't true..right?.. I knew that already....that it is exothermic..
  2. Hey!! I am just having so much confusion balancing this equation by Oxidation method.I think it will be easy for you people.I will really appreciate your help.Its just I am very weak at balancing by different methods. Please do it step by step.Write on what you are doing.So that I can have it in my mind...thank you..I will really appreciate! By Oxidation number method FeSo4+K2Cr2O7+H2SO4--------->Fe2(SO4)3+Cr2(SO4)3+K2SO4+H2O
  3. wow!!......Thats the problem..which I usually do face...now its own a big screen:D
  4. HAPPY RAKHSHA BANDHAN DAY!! well.....they do this with teacher also..hmm intresting!
  5. Hey!..... I am not really a new member but I have not start posting. I am Zeest,second year student...I am just getting into science,I hope you people will help me!
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