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  1. well this as risen qustions in me.....obviously if energy can travel at the speed of light ...so can we say that when abody with mass gets closer tot he speed of light it changes inot energy namly the photon and this goes to the speed of light.....and if we stop this photon it will change back to the same body
  2. well matter is defined as anything that occupies space and has mass..... obviously now we can consider photons to be energy , it dont have mass , and it dont occupy any space so its energy......
  3. quote " Because there are attractive forces (nuclear for the nucleus, as was mentioned, and electromagnetic for the electrons) you can and do form a bound state, which requires the release of energy. Once you have formed that state there is no need to do anything else. " so if we can replicate the charges to create this attractive forces and form the bound state using other thing , can we create a atom??
  4. ohhh i see thanks for the info......so in this case mass is converted compeletly into energy..........
  5. In vaccume there are no external dampining forces and as u said that at thoese levels there are no dampining forces and hence i drew up the comparison
  6. humm intresting but there has to be some dampining force at the lavel aslo ...other wise it can ve compared to a bounded vaccume and i dont think it possible...not sure...but if what u say is rite can be creat an artifiical atom and then there eill be like no need of energy ......
  7. not sure abt its coverting into photons...the -ve electron and + positron will get attracted to form this well bounded thing i guess and it will be like the formation a huge block to electron,positron thing i guess not sure....
  8. what i am trying to expalin is very difficult for me to express...there are 2 sides of a coin same way 1 can say the earth is pulling me towards it and one can also say i am pulling the earth towards me.....i cant express it....anywyas i hav a another question what will happen or will be formed it u pass through a wire electrons and positrons??
  9. its like this if there was no gravity the atmosphere of earth would get sucked into space now when the force is applied by earth there is a pressure cretead on earth...and the earth being in object of higher pressure will move into space
  10. well i think law of conservation of energy for sure is breakable.....some thime back there had to be energy and matter creation other wise there would be no universe...and that creationof energy and matter had set in some equibrillic force that stops us from energy andmatter creation , distruction and if we can identify that force then law of conservation of energy can be broken.....and one more question how does the neucleus have P.E......if we can replicate the whole atom using charges can we create energy , matter??
  11. ok...now i personally belive that some day very soon that law of conservation of energy is going to prooven wrong.......my question is from where do atoms get their energy to continously survive??wont some where down the line energy have to be created??
  12. Its like this when we have a ping pong ball and there is a area of vaccume the ping pong ball will move from a region of high pressure(atmosphere) into the vaccume, the same way once the force is created a small pressure is created on eart and the earth becomes the ping pong ball and it get sucked into a region of lower pressure space......well if u r confused with the reference think about the olden day method of passing obejcts in a office it used the same principle
  13. I think it would be great to know the frames of reference used here......but since its not given ill take a try and base the problem on inertia..... the string connecting the ballon is moving and the helimballon is not it will jerk back wards(taking 2D to the back door of the van)..and the hevier ballon will continously collide with the roof of the van since its hevier....and its postion cant be judged....
  14. in the past 100 odd years we have developed many machines and techniques to mesure the weights of atomic , subatomic particles.....but wont the mass, weight of ALL things be continously changing??? it is for sure that all these atoms , molecules ect are continously going through collisons....and this will leed to a constant change of energy of the system and the mass of the body.....all the weights of atoms , electrons,ect are done in special conditons (vaccume,ect..) and after all this we use these constant weights in normal condition experiments...wont it make a difference...how ever samll the variation of mass,weight may be ,when viewd in a large picture will effect the expereiment......after all this why do we use these so called "accurate weights".....???
  15. at the end of it all when a opposite force is applied the earth does accelerate , but we cannot see it due to the size of the earth... P=F/A = m*a/A....so there will be pressure created and it will be sucked into spce....you may say that these reaction take place all over the world and will get nullified ...but if u look closer the area of Asia , being the largest , most populated continent will have more of these force making the nullification process insignificent and the earth should be sucked up....if the force is very small as it is over here the earths orbit will gradully turn from eleptical to spiral shaped.....and if the force is extremly large then it would move out in tangential path and then.............................
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