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  1. I have also had a guy from the 'rebels' bikie gang ( about 6'4 100 + kgs) came after a roomate ,almost had no choice but to to take lethal action ( using dumbells ) as my friends life ( about half my size ) was in grave danger but instead I diverted his attention to me and by that time , a neighbour came down about his size ( who knew him ) and it was over . This was because of a mistaken identity when he was on a drunken rampage and decided to force his way into my flat .
  2. Quite recently we been having tresspassers ( no front fence atm ) but my action would be to scare them with err......perhaps extreme to lethal intention .
  3. To many to list ,the music depends on what my mood really is ,but I will usually listen to Mozart or Beethoven , quite recently I been listening to Vivaldi ,specifically being 'Summer' which is quite brilliant .
  4. Couldn't we just sell Hubble to the ESA after repairs for the price spent on repairing ? The hubble has achieved many things in the pursuit of science , I think at least give it an opportunity for ESA to carry on it's valuable work .
  5. http://www.baytoday.ca/content/news/details.asp?c=6657 Can anyone confirm if this is true , it seems amazing but I'm still skeptical about it .
  6. arriving in 2014 , what would that be in km's . What are the optimists hoping for with the 67p/churyumov-Gerasimenko comet ? thanks .
  7. I don't see how you didn't understand my reply ,afterall I did reply my answer to be basically stated as; Can anyone else tell me if they have problems understanding this ,I think I answered this quite clearly .
  8. I don't think being gay comes ONLY from the beginning but may possibly be ( would that mean Freud was right ). sayo , Because it is impossible to understand every moment on what her dad has experienced to make him a good parent , why not clone A.Einstein & raise those those children to be just like him -- the point being is that you cannot raise the child to attain the same exact qualities ...
  9. in laymans plz .. describe how your 'formula' works
  10. Oh wow you sing , well I can imagine you have a lovely voice .
  11. So when we are sending radio signals out , who do we expect to answer our calls ? Or was it the UFO conspiracy which have people convinced enough to create an such an agency to search for such eti forms supposedly capable of building these advanced technologies . I think the only chance of ever coming close to finding life is though understanding our own planet and solar system .
  12. correction : an outer shell must exist **
  13. xtraxxl , How is your test working out ? I use to do this kinda stuff as kid , paper planes were the best . btw in the cart means - an existing outer shell must exit in order for it to be in-side but I wouldn't count on how you were advised .
  14. I was single parented by my dad , best thing ever happened .
  15. err isn't there a possibility of non-human pilots ? btw curious how fast would the plane go in space if given the same acceleration on Earth ? Would it make a difference .
  16. Hi , Curious , is the pro-nunciation 'cessar' like the virus or 'caesar' like the ruler ( not metric , the empirical ) .
  17. more than 30 less than a 100 so far thats how many I've eaten , mmm spiders yum .
  18. Maybe they should get the beta testers to socialize a little more .
  19. Actually I think there has been proof that murpheys law works , it was printed in an article in a newspaper . Though I'm unsure if it would be a good idea to go practical about it ,
  20. And where would Hawking be without Black Holes , certainly not incorrect .
  21. Tetra , HUH !! I want in , R U at the RMCD ( Royal Military College Duntroon ) or something ? Or is that just your pocket money ?
  22. Agree with JohnB , QUT is the moving rock ology of tech ( in australia ). another conspiracy theory ; the use of SCRAMJET technology is another reason to pursue oil in other countries . Yeah it's called SPAM or Self Propelled Automated Missile .
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