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  1. I'm Davey, learning new stuff is sweet. I'm here mostly for questions.
  2. Hey guys! So I have a question. I work a retail job, and I work a lot of hours(I pulled off 78hours monday to friday this week[friday I only work 8am-2pm], and that's not the most I've done. so on avg mon-thurs is 18hours a day), and I don't get much sleep. I've worked a few 20hour days back to back before with maybe 45mins to an hour or so of sleep in between shifts if I was lucky. I've been doing this since September and I'm 20 years old. Anyways, getting to the point, I recently had a work week week were nearing the end, my head felt like I had a tight hat on. Kind of like my head was swelling. Some friends have told me it has something to do with liquids to my brain or something like that and that it's dangerous. I wanted to know what you guys think of what may have happened. If it's truly dangerous I may stop these shifts. I've done my research and can't seem to find anything that explains what has happened. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!! (= Edit** Also I forgot to mention, if this makes a difference, I don't eat as much as I should since I usually don't have time. But I do eat healthy. Also, after I got some sleep, my head went back to normal. Though it happened again this week before I got sleep (though not as bad as the other time)
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