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  1. I should mention that I turned 18 a few days ago; 'twas last friday.

  2. I guess I'm sort of fanatic about fundamental computer science -- as well its philosophical tangents -- such as the meaning of computation in humanity's context and sometimes including technology in general. Over the years I have held onto deep and seemingly novel concepts, even while trying to merely grasp them myself. My eccentric views only continue to solidify and narrow. As excited as I can be to share my own ideas and thoughts, I'm not ready (prepared or even conclusive) to convey them for others' judgement. This topic applies to science as a whole. Our matter of philosophy today is: As an earnest, committed and ambitious participant in a particular field of common human thought, how can I trust myself, my work and my ambitions? Do I need to? How can I effectively self-reflect on my work, including its robustness, acceptability and sensibility? Is that possible? Oh the anxiety! Cheers and stuff. - Me
  3. Nothing solely constitutes the interior of my skull.
  4. Let's just take a big shit on semantics and call it a day.
  5. Oooops, sorry. My bad. I may have not trolled these forums hard enough. Lee Smollin. He belongs in a house of philosophy-done-wrong. This is getting so absurd.
  6. *bump* Shall I repost this in a different community? This place...
  7. Hey, the first thing you need to start working on is understanding how the registers correspond to the C program. Here are some resources: http://www.swansontec.com/sregisters.html http://cs.smith.edu/~thiebaut/ArtOfAssembly/CH03/CH03-3.html#HEADING3-4 Good luck.
  8. Have yet another happy Jesus holiday!

  9. I'm interested in establishing a framework to dynamically reduce explicit/classical representations into various orders of abstraction with intent to simplify computation necessary for the simulation of systems. If you prefer that I specify how I imagine these systems might be, consider a very large set of points which may exhert various forces upon each other (classically, like particles) within the system e.g. exhibits contact dynamics and supports modelling external forces and fields from outside the system of points. Consider a large number of these points behave like a fluid, and they're contained in a way that can be approximated using a planar-surface fluid approximation method. I haven't researched these enough yet (planar fluid approximations; something to do with wavelets), but I think it's an interesting idea to explore means to adaptively approximate systems using poweful mathematical generalizations. Of course, this particular type of fluid approximation I just gave for example is very limited (planar), but that's why I'm interested in adaptiveness; specifically a broad framework of malleate abstraction devices that can effectively perform these adaptations. I like to think of this strategy like the theme of the book "A Wrinkle In Time"; virtually traversing spacetime by welding two points together into one. Rather than brute forcing the simulation, congruences may be identified (transitive actions, linear dependence, fractal phenomena etc.) to yield shortcuts and inherently simplify computation. You may call this an adaptive model or approximation. I'm thinking of some kind of "tensor automaton, " if you can imagine what I mean by that (think of an intelligent lego sculpture). Are you aware of any ideas or do you know of information that is relevant and maybe interesting to this topic? Please discuss your thoughts.
  10. I think my response enveloped why there really is no need for such a debate... yes? Isn't this topic just like a "how much can we reconstrue and defer from the common notion of this word" game?
  11. Beside uninspired chaps, rather more successful trolls seem to exhibit a spontaneous and curious sociological phenomenon with roots in sociological interest.
  12. Wikipedia tells a story: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre-Simon_Laplace#I_had_no_need_of_that_hypothesis
  13. Sure. My question is quite a succinct one. It includes features such as (but not limited to) a question mark, a dash between 'paint' and 'ball' and the name of a type of food I enjoy greatly when complemented with soft drinks.
  14. I think we need a more clear definition of what I mean by "time" for your solution to work.
  15. Are elephants more sentient than hungry-hungry-hippos? Ethically, which are the best to hunt?
  16. Is it possible to construct a complete pizza using paint-ball guns?
  17. If intelligent extra-terrestrials needed a single human representative, what kind of person do you believe will be most appropriate for representing the human species as a whole?
  18. Ben Banana


    I want to fly by pulling upwards on my feet. Please explain how I can achieve that.
  19. Who constitutes 'our?' Biologists?
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