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  1. And I thought it was a Global Position Satellite. Einstein came to regret his Cosmological Constant. He did refer to it as 'The greatest blunder of his career.'
  2. Hi, I'm astrocat5 and I've got a Theory based on the evidence. I hope you'll check it out, 'the black hole at the center of the universe.' If we were going out, we'd be slowing down. As it is, we're Speeding Up and that means we're going in. I'll show all this, don't worry. It's not me. that's the evidence.
  3. Hi, Cpn' Refsmmat, I'm astrocat5 with a new Theory, one based on the evidence. I intend to use the evidence to prove my theory. I hope you'll give me a chance to do just that. I realise this theory (the Mable Theory) is new to you, but I'm sure I can make you see the light. We'll talk later.
  4. The Big-Bang, Dark Energy, Einstein's Cosmological Constant, the Cosmological Principle, and the unnaturally young Age of The Universe are all man-made fabrications with no relation to reality. What's Real? Gravity. Now you may think of Gravity as a distortion of Space-Time, but for the purpose of this argument, I'm going to call it Gravity. The Expansion of the Observable Universe is Speeding Up. If we were going out, we'd be Slowing Down. As it is, we're Speeding Up, and that means we're going in. That's not me, that's the evidence. Modern Scientists say Gravity is the weakest forc
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