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  1. Of course I'm a dualist - I'm Gnostic.There are two of everything, Immortal - I realise as a 'monist' you think there's only one of everything. 'Scholars in the field...' don't make me laugh. Who cares about the Sun God? Not me, that's for sure. I have bigger fish to fry. I'm trying to explain Gnosticism. It comes from the Greek word 'gnosis,' and is the root word for 'knowledge.' What is it that a Gnostic knows? We know, for example - that Jesus was the Son of the Perfect One and was therefore perfect. God isn't perfect, and nothing he makes is perfect - I hope we can agre
  2. In the Old Testament? Nothing. But I think you would be respectful if you met Jesus. That's the New Testament.
  3. Speaking as a Gnostic, we call the Abrahamic God (Kill me a son, Abraham - just kidding!) the Devil. Same as the God of Moses, same as your God! Who made the world, who's world it is. Who Jesus called the Devil when he (Jesus) was offered the world if he would fall down and adore him (the Devil). Who's world is it? Your God made the world and every other material thing. Material - Jesus warned us against it. 'If you love this life you will lose it, but if you hate this life you will live forever in heaven.' Who said that? Jesus - I forget exactly where. Anybody know? Your God
  4. Jesus was the one who called the Abrahamic God 'The Devil.' (John 8, 44) and before that, when he was tempted. The Devil offered Jesus the world, if Jesus would adore him. Jesus told this story - but Jesus knew the world was made by God and God owned the world. But Jesus called the owner of the world the Devil. Go figure! I said, Immortal, that much garbage has been written about Gnostics (that we think God is a demi-urge) We think he is the Devil. I'm talking about the God of Moses. Of course I accept the New Testament entirely. It's the Old Testament with which I have tro
  5. Goes to show that you're confused. Do you believe in God, 'Now'?If you don't that's okay. If you do please tell me. I need to know whether he believes in God or not. I need to know whether he believes in God or not. There is a lot of garbage said about Gnostics. Let me tell you, we believe in Jesus. We think your God (the God of Abraham) is none other than the Devil. We have several reasons for this. We agree with everything Jesus said. We worship him as the son of the Perfect One, the Heavenly Father. Whether or not the ancient Gnostics knew about modern scientif
  6. God was made by the Perfect One, our Heavenly Father, but God thought he was as good as, if not better - than the Perfect One. That's vanity. Too bad you can't see it.The Perfect One has nothing to do with material. He lives in a Spiritual World which satisfies him perfectly. When God made all the Hydrogen, it probably didn't please the Perfect One - the Heavenly Father. We came from God. God is imperfect, just as we are. The world is imperfect, and anything imperfect will self-destruct. When the world ends, that will be a good thing, as seen by the Perfect One. Who made the wor
  7. I wish you would tell me what you believe in. If you don't believe in the God of Abraham, who do you believe in. If you told me, it would make things a lot easier for me. Thanks, Immortal.
  8. I don't need your links, and if you don't beleve in the God of Abraham, then who the heck do you believe in? I think you should say. God is the Devil, and Jesus never claimed to be the Son of God. He called himself the Son of Man, just so you wouldn't make this mistake. God made himself imperfect - that's why the world is imperfect, and why Man is too. The Perfect One made God and many other spirits and angels - all of them perfect. God commited vanity and became imperfect. Everything God makes is therefore imperfect and must self-destruct. I think the Bible is a load of Mumb
  9. Well the first Hydrogen had to come from somewhere - or someone. I don't have any problem with that. God made it, or the being they call God, Allah, Shiva - that's the creator, or so I believe. If I'm wrong will someone correct me, please. Or if you don't believe, where do you think the first Hydrogen came from? Please be clear.Now, do you think this creation pleased the Perfect One? The Perfect One can only create perfection. When he created God, God was perfect. When God thought he was as good, if not better, than the Perfect One he erred - that's vanity! And starting a rival Univer
  10. In the New Testament, Jesus cured many people. Prayer can make people sicker? Sure, praying to God won't help you. Only if you pray to Jesus can you be cured, at least that's what I think. It's all a question of Faith - either you believe or you don't. You don't seem to believe, am I right? You might as well be honest. Yes yes, Aymanbinmoshi. But I believe God was made perfect by the Perfect One. Unfortunately, for us, God thought he was as good, if not better, than the Perfect One. By thinking this, God became inperfect - he was vain. God made the world, that's why it's imper
  11. Sorry, I'll do better. That's fascinating also. I knew Jesus was a prophet to you guys, but I never knew what you called him. But Allah is the same as God, right? He is the creator, is he not? Jesus is much more important to me, as he is the Son of the Perfect One. The Perfect One I believe, made God and many others, all perfect. Perfectly free to think they were just as good as their creator, but by thinking this, they made themselves imperfect. That was what God thought and it was God who created the World, without consulting the Perfect One. You see, if you are imperfect,
  12. I find your point of view fascinating. And you're right, 'Jesus cannot be God,' because he never said, 'I am the Son of God.' He said, instead, 'I am the Son of Man,' just so people wouldn't make this mistake (thinking he is the Son of God.) He is the Son of our Heavenly Father - the Perfect One, and everything he makes is perfect.Our Father made many other beings, all as good and as powerful as He was. Perfectly free were they to reject the Heavenly Father. Looking at themselves, they (some of them) thought they were justas good as The Father - if not better! One of these beings, think
  13. What an interesting viewpoint! If you are seriously disabled, if you believe in Jesus - then you could be cured. I don't know, but your belief is essential. And I don't even like God. When I read about all the horrible things he did, I have to agree with you. As for being doomed - we're all doomed. Some will die before others, but in the end, death wins. That's in this world, where Death rules. In the next one, there4 is no death. So nice talking with you. I'll pray for you. Let me know if you start feeling better. Whereas I think his wider experience can teach us someth
  14. Okay, I tried... Who is your God, Immortal? Not the God of Abraham? Who is your God? As for Plotinus... I read a book about Philosophy and he was never mentioned in it. Plato sure was. These Sethians, I have to look them up. What is the Heavenly Father's will? That we should all 'pick up our cross' and follow his Son, Jesus. I can't even understand your answer to this question. Nice talking with you, tho', I'll check on what you said... And as of Jesus. He died on the cross pleading to god, And to father as well in his last words.. Do not say that their are two b
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