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    under your bed
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    travelling,flickr and weed
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    currently working off debt..
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    the universe and earth pride nikka!!
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    i was sent back in time to kill some robot,and currently have 3 kids on welfare.
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    going back in to time to kill people that piss off the people of the future


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  1. Like from small to big... nothing to something
  2. Anyone know the exact date this thing gets turned on? Because I have just been trolling some sites with all these crazy probability of things going wrong, I know most of the hype is just for the sake of it, but im kinda with them on the fact no one can say 100percent that the only thing it will create is better graphs of particles hitting each other at nearly the speed of light, any maybe new unknown particles, but what if it does something crazy, which wipes us out in a split second..inno quantum shit scares me. It makes nukes and shiz:confused:
  3. hello everyone,finally got my lazy ass to sign up..
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