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  1. Right now I'm wearing black wedge heeled sandals, jeans, a green collared long sleeve shirt, and a black shirt over it. Sad thing is that it's almost summer. I rarely wear jeans- I'm more of a skirt person (my clothes are really girly). Heeled sandals or flip flops are a must. I don't wear sneakers, even in the snow because I hate having my feet closed up like that. The only time I wear closed toe shoes is for dance.
  2. The fornix is an arching bundle of fibers in the brain that connects the hypothalamus to the cerebrum. Although its exact function isn't known, the fornix is believed to be connected to memory. This site explains Markov chains: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/MarkovChain.html
  3. Social services usually does well in making the investigations private, to protect the family from being looked down upon. Just because social services comes to your home doesn't mean that you'll be seen as some terrible abusive person. Most parents have hit their child at least once during their life, and I can imagine that all parents fear that social services will find some reason to take their child away. Because parents are in the same boat in regard to that, so most adults would be understanding. It's important that social services invistigates every case because there will be children who are being beaten. It's sort of like airport security- it's annoying to wait in long lines to have your baggage and shoes checked, but in the long run it ensures the safety of everyone. There will be people who don't need to be checked because they don't carry knives in their bags, but everyday people are found with some sort of weapons. Thankfully, most are stopped becaue of those security checks. They may be annoying, but it keeps people safe. The same thing goes for social services- out of all the cases that are investigated, you're going to find parents who are innocent, and you're going to find parents who would have killed their child if social serviced didn't step in. I would much rather have some innocent parents be investigated than have a child get killed for not having CPS step in.
  4. Children may give "child lines" to get what they want, but if there isn't a legitimate reason for it it's unlikely that the parent will get in trouble. Parents usually think that if their child accuses them of being abusive, the child will be put into foster care, but that doesn't happen much. If a child says their parent is mistreating them, a mandiated reporter will call DSS or CPS for a preliminary screening to see if it's a bad enough case to invistigate. If the case is bad enough DSS will call the parents and the family will be assigned a social worker. The social worker will invistigate and in only the worst cases will the child be put into foster care.
  5. I don't think that child abuse or any other form of physical dicipline should be allowed. By hitting a child, you're teaching it that it's acceptable to physically harm others. That child will probably then treat others like that in school, get in trouble, and get beaten again. Abusing a child can be harmful to them both physically and emotionally. Later on in life they may suffer from eating disorders, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. If they never learned that abuse is wrong, they would most likely do it to their children. I was constantly abused and neglected as a child, and it had many not so good effects on me. Nobody deserves to be abused, even if the parent believes it's dicipline because both children and adults make mistakes. Even if you're just hitting a child on the hand, it still teaches them that violence is ok and that if you want someone to do what you want, all you have to do is hit them.
  6. When the brain is trying to remember something, transcription occurs. Transcription is when Creb protein enter the nucleus of brain cells and effects certain genes. The proteins then strengthen synapses and prevent neruons from coming into contact with eachother. To forget something, the Creb protein is chemically changed or there is damage to part of the brain (such as the fornix which is believed to be connected to memory).
  7. I was born with black hair (colored strawberry blond now because the black looked odd with my pale skin) and green eyes. I'm Danish, Irish, and Native American.
  8. I was answering Flareon's anthropology question.
  9. Humans come from the family of Hominidae which is very different from the Cercopithecoidea (which includes monkeys). Our ancestors, members of the genus Australopithecus, are now extinct. The closest living species to ours would be the ones in Pongidae- chimps, gorilla, and the orangutan.
  10. The last time I took an IQ test was when I was 13 and I got a 144. I don't think IQ tests are too reliable in testing one's intelligence because while I am good at logical questions, I'm dumb in everything else.
  11. Mulderman's answer is good. You might also want to check out this site: http://cms.psychologytoday.com/topics/depression.html
  12. My sister used to have psuedoseizures and after a while my parents finally took her to see a doctor. She ended up being diagonsed with a panic/anxiety disorder and was put on Fluoxetine (Prozac). Pseudoseizures can be triggered by stress, anxiety, or pain, which then causes the person to hyperventilate. The rapid breathing can change their body chemistry and can cause a pins and needles feeling, stiffening, and trembling. When your sister starts to breath rapidly the best thing to do is calm her down and try to get her breathing back to normal. It's important that you also stay calm and try your best to distract your sister from what might happen. 15 seizures in two days is really dangerous, so make sure your sister gets proper medical attention if you havn't already.
  13. You're correct, the physiological effects of BZP are similar to those from amphetamine. This may include a decreased appetite, dilated pupils, an increased blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety, blurred vision, dizziness, and insomnia. Prolonged use of BZP can lead to an irregular heartbeat, delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia. BZP is a N-monosubstituted piperazine derivative and has the same psychactive effects of MDMA (Ecstasy).
  14. In mitosis or binary fission a cell increases it's size and duplicates it's genetic material before splitting into two equally sized cells. The two daughter cells are identical unless a mutation occured in the process of duplicating the genetic information.
  15. Insulin is a hormone (protein) that is secreted by islet cells in the pancreas in response to an increase in blood sugar levels. Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is part of a group of somatomedins that assists in increasing the effects of growth hormones.
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