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  1. I would have to side with Phi for All, for whom are you doing this research? Acetic anhydride can be used for some very nasty things, so I would not be comfortable sharing that without at least some plausible background. It is also restricted in many countries.
  2. Intelligence makes it easier to digest facts, you still need to study, but a smart person needs to study less than a dumb person.
  3. I'm sorry, but I cannot quite see what you are asking for... Would you mind to specify for a foreigner?
  4. Hello there, new guy here:) I'm a young fella' currently working my way towards a Baccelor in physical chemistry (I've just started year two of three). I go to the University of Uppsala in Sweden, and on any free time I have, I thoroughly enjoy shredding the guitar. This forum seems great due to the combination of students, enthusiasts, pros. I think my stay here will be delightful:)
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