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  1. I sometimes like to listen to music after I study and then go back to studying and then back to listen to some more music but is this a bad habit to be having? Does it diminish my learning in that I retain less of what I am learning by doing this? Anyone care to make some comments? Should I stop doing this or are the affects relatively negligible? I want to improve my marks in university! Please help me!
  2. What is the best thing to do when your clothes get wet after it rains and the clothes had been washed prior and left to dry in the clothes line outside?
  3. I have poor communication skills. How can I improve my communication skills so that I can improve the quality of my life?
  4. Mr Rayon

    Iraq war

    What was the purpose of the Iraq war? Who planned it?
  5. hi , i have made a linkedin, twitter and facebook profile account to be easily searchable in google search engines for employment/career reasons. i was just wondering what other ways i there are for me to increase my online presence on the net. which sites if i join/make account will be most easily searchable found in google search engine searches (preferably found in the 1st page)? any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Do googles search results (i.e. the order of results) vary from computer to computer as well or just between different internet browsers you're using?
  7. hi everyone, i was just wondering when I google search something, why are the links/results ordered different between different internet browsers? Anyone know?
  8. How can I become more grateful of the things I do have instead of being envious of the things I don't have?
  9. How is it a fest? I'm mainly concerned about sharing my photos to the public/friends etc. and also privacy settings and making sure I don't upset/hurt anyone with what I choose to share. Someone could just save all these pictures of me and then start a new account or steal my identity. It is quite a worrisome situation.
  10. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-12-21/what-do-americans-believe-spoiler-alert-evolution-and-ghosts-are-neck-and-neck Hi everyone, According to the Harris poll 42% of Americans believe in ghosts, 36% believe in creationism and UFOs, 29% believe in astrology, 26% believe in witches and 24% believe in reincarnation. Does this sound right? Why do so many Americans believe in these silly things? ~Being an Australian I was quite shocked by these alarming statistics!
  11. To anyone reading this post, do you use facebook? I'm considering deleting or permanently deactivating my facebook account however is it a smart thing to do in your opinion? Do you use facebook a lot? What are some good alternatives to facebook? Do you think there is anything wrong with facebook? Do you like facebook? How do you use facebook to make all your friends like you?
  12. It is now summer and time to slip-slop slap (at least in Australia). This means putting on sunscreen but I am worried that if I wear sunscreen and then choose to eat something I will get sunscreen on my food. If I do get some sunscreen on my food as I touch it, could I die? What is the probability? Has anyone ever died because of this? Should I just not put sunscreen on when I think I will eat after a few moments after putting it on? Also, does wearing sunscreen on your skin greatly diminish your body's ability to make vitamin D from the sun?
  13. My hair dries easily and looks better when it's sleek and wet. I don't usually put hair gel in my hair but should I start doing so? However, if there are any, what are some of the negative results of using excessive hair gel in your hair? Am I better off in the long-run if I don't use hair gel?
  14. Has anyone ever died from accidentally swallowing a little toothpaste after brushing their teeth?
  15. I guess youtube answers everything these days!
  16. I was out grocery shopping last night to a suburb I don't usually travel to. I took public transport and missed the last bus back home. Fortunately, I found a stranger and while I was waiting for the bus I asked them whether any buses are still running. They told me no after they went to their house to check and called the public transport authorities (that's how I found out). They also offered to give me a lift after and I graciously accepted their offer. When they dropped me off to my home however I had no idea how to thank them or show my gratitude for what they did. I asked for their mobile number (to stay in touch) but they didn't have theirs at the time. I had a mental blank and couldn't think. What could I have done to appropriately thank them or show my gratitude to the stranger who helped me and drove me all the way home from the suburb I don't regularly travel to? Has anyone here been in a similar position somewhere in the past? How did you handle the situation? Were you happy with your response?
  17. Is it true that if it's raining and you're moving towards shelter from the rain that it is better to walk to the shelter than to run if you want to become less wet from the rain?
  18. Through globalisation, a growing global population and the increasing use of the internet people are viewing pornography more regularly and starting to at younger ages. http://au.askmen.com/dating/news/side-effects-of-porn.html My question is, do the side effects outweigh the benefits? It is evident that easy accessibility to pornography has decreased marriage rates but it has also decreased the value of free sex as a commodity it may have once been. What are the benefits of being desentized to sexual images? In your opinion, is it a good thing and is this the direction society should be headed?
  19. Hi, Is it true that wearing working clothes for work enhances worker productivity (e.g. wearing a suit and tie at work)? Similarly, it is believed by many that wearing fitness gear (gym-wear) enhances your motivation when going to the gym for a workout. I am just wondering whether there have been any studies which have suggested that wearing a particular clothing can make you more productive at doing certain things.
  20. Yep, there's gonna be lots of religious interfaith dialogue going on in the next few weeks in Australia. Also, Geert Wilders is visiting Australia soon! But what could all of this could lead to? Relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe seem to be polarised. In my opinion, Muslims have integrated quite well here in Australia. Though still I'm slightly anxious about my country. I want Muslims and non-Muslims to respect and understand each other. What can Muslims do to foster good relations? What can non-Muslims do? Should more Muslims invite more non-Muslims to mosque open days? Singapore is a good example of a country which seems to have good relations between the Muslims and non-Muslim communities. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-13/anti-muslim-campaigner-coming-to-australia/4517870 http://www.theage.com.au/national/fiery-imam-invited-to-speak-here-20121211-2b7td.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW0Hbd-Enjc http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/17/angela-merkel-german-multiculturalism-failed What is the cause for multiculturalism to fail in Germany? And what should Australians do so that we can help Muslims integrate within our society? Thanks! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-10/anti-islam-group-accused-of-spreading-bigotry/4306108
  21. In Australia, we are neither white or black but coloured people so there is no real racism here, just underlying surface racism. Affirmative action policies and a healthy welfare system have ensured our Aboriginal population do not grumble for their stunted start in life in comparison to other ethnic groups. In any case, racism or racial bias does not seem to be a such a serious issue as it is in the US imo! What tourists think of Australia: http://au.news.yahoo.com/today-tonight/lifestyle/article/-/16123264/australias-reality-check/
  22. That's absolutely right! With increasing wealth gap religiosity within a society increases. There is a relationship. Injustice, poverty and oppression are good breeding grounds for new and interesting religions to pop up or old ones to grow.
  23. Is racial bias still a major problem for America? Tell us your experiences/thoughts! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=nFbvBJULVnc
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