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  1. If not, then why do modern day dietitians recommend low-carb, low-fat diets?
  2. Hi, If some stranger sneezes you in public (e.g. in a café), what is the appropriate response to this? Assume also that the person was angry at something that happened to him/her earlier that day and wanted to take out their anger out on someone when the opportunity came (but of course they pretend as if it was all unintentional). If this happened to you how would you react to the person who sneezed on you and what would you say to any bystanders/onlookers? How would your response differ depending on whether the offender was male or female? Thanks, Mr Rayon
  3. Do most people who use instagram also have an iphone? Is it worth having if you don't have an iphone? Do you have instagram? If so, why? If not, why not? Should I get instagram? Is it worth it or is it largely a waste of time?
  4. What are everyone's thoughts?
  5. Every time I turn on the television something horrible happens some far away country. I was just thinking, is there much benefit that watching the news does? Does it do more harm than good? e.g. desensitizes people to terrorism and other atrocities I have given up watching the news for a few years now and feel happier. A lot of people don't have any good reason to watch the news but like to watch television as their form of entertainment. It is like participating in the Gladiator battles in Romes many centuries ago. My question, is it ethical to watch the news today and do nothing? I choose to not watch the news but for those that do what's your reason for watching the news and do you try and put any effort to make the world a better place (e.g. recycling through the media's frenzy that global warming is legit etc.)? Do you still drive your car?
  6. Sometimes I feel bad when some people I know see me eating alone in a restaurant. Is it normal to feel this way? Anyone care to share some of the experiences when dealing with people you know while eating by yourself in a restaurant? Is it ok to eat alone in a restaurant? Does it make me look unsocial/selfish if I only eat by myself? Every time I go out, must I eat with others as to not seem unsocial/friendless/selfish?
  7. If so, are there any negative side effects from running too much? Does running increase one's oxygen uptake? Additionally, would free radical intake increase and thereby be harmful to your body?
  8. When is the best time to study to retain the most info? Just after waking up from a long sleep or a few hours before having a long sleep?
  9. Hi, Is there much point in staying in touch with people you do not see regularly or have a genuine current relationship with but may have been friends long, long ago? With the emergence of social media such as facebook, it is now possible to stay "friends" with people you do not currently see regularly or have a relationship with but may have had a strong relationship in the past. In regards to these sorts of relationships, is it better to break your ties from these people instead of "being tied to the past"? Furthermore, does living in the past, inhibit in our ability to live for today and to fully appreciate all the possibilities which life has to offer? In other words, can one grow and extend themselves more if they stopped looking back at how good life was in the olden days? What does everyone think about this? If you use facebook, do you think it's a good idea to add acquaintances or do you just add in people you are really good friends with? What are the pros and cons of adding everyone and being open to being selective and only adding a few people? Which mode of behaviour do you think is better for facebook users to adopt? The reason for all these questions is that I fear that having a lot of acquaintances that you interact with keeps you reserved too much and may make you less open to other and newer possibilities of friendships in life which would be more fulfilling to have instead. These may not be fully realized if one is still connected to their old highschool network. As with the common saying "when one door closes, another one opens". What are everyone's thoughts about this? Thanks, Mr Rayon
  10. I have heard that it can increase free radical intake throughout the body. Is this true? Are there any negative repercussions of jogging?
  11. Hi. I keep hearing on the internet that it's actually healthy to masterbate (Is this true?). That it decreases the chances of getting prostate cancer for men. What about for women? What are some negative repurcussions of masterbating (e.g. removing nutrients/essential resources from the body like vitamins + minerals etc.)? Does it really cause erectile dysfunction? Does masterbation lower sexual libido in the long-run? Thanks, Mr Rayon
  12. Napoleon Bonaparte once said: - "The purpose of religion is to keep the poor from killing the rich." What did he mean exactly when he said this? Does anyone know?
  13. I just mean coz, subsaharan africans don't have any neanderthal dna. maybe they are in impoverished now because of something beneficial they lacked from what the neanderthals gave the homo sapiens in europe and asia when they interbred as homo sapiens immigrated from africa?
  14. Why did some stay in Africa? Why did the rest leave?
  15. https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26435-thoroughly-modern-humans-interbred-with-neanderthals/ Does having neanderthal DNA make modern humans less intelligent (for those who have lots of neanderthal DNA)? Does lack of neanderthal DNA in subsaharan Africans make them smarter? Why is poverty highest in subsaharan africa? Could neanderthal DNA been the panacea which rescued us from poverty?
  16. Does anyone know? Or will it all go to waste? Do bacteria bother eating the vitamin C which is in your urine and on the floor?
  17. Hi. Does a higher population result in lower per capita income? If so, how does this occur exactly? Thanks, Mr Rayon
  18. Which college major is most employable? Which is most useful? Thanks
  19. Mr Rayon

    Iraq war

    What are the alternatives/options of possible answers to believe for the Iraq war? Thanks for the link. I will refer the video properly when I have more time to do so effectively. I know that but how was the intention to carry out a war in Iraq so well coordinated by the higher ups within and between nations so as not to cause any suspicion of any wrong doing by the average peoples? A lot of people have died and lots of money spent financing these wars and I think we all deserve proper answers (at least for those who don't know much about it).
  20. Mr Rayon

    Iraq war

    hey guys, I was just wondering what was it that caused the Iraq war to occur? How did politicians from various countries manage to manipulate the masses in such a coordinated way as to be successful in fulfilling their objectives of starting a war?? Also, who have been the major beneficiaries of the war?? Did the Iraqi people do enough to prevent other countries from attacking their country? If you were a politician and Iraqi and wanted to prevent such a conflict what would you do? Do ordinary people have any power at all? What was it which lead to so many people being killed and so many people doing nothing? Typically, is it easy to start wars like this? I'm scared there will be more wars in future and want to prevent future wars from happening in future but do I have any power to influence the masses? Is there anything we can learn from the Iraq war to prevent future events from happening? What happened to make so many countries believe Iraq had WMDs?
  21. Hey guys, I'm trying to add someone to my circles on google+ but I can't seem to do it. It says that I'm "restricted" from adding them to my circles but I know they haven't blocked me because when I create a new google+ account and view their profile it still says the same thing. I can still also see this person's google+ in community pages that they have joined whereas if they blocked me I wouldn't be able to see their profile at all listed in any community pages they have joined. So, what's happened here? I thought you could add everyone to my circles. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Mr Rayon
  22. Is it true that if someone is initially intrinsically motivated to study and do well, if they are given extrinsic reasons to become motivated, often than not the person becomes reliant on extrinsic motivations to study? How true is this? I have always been an instrincally motivated student and repressed extrinsic motivations.
  23. Does regular Facebook use inhibit personal growth due to inability to cut formerly established ties/friendships? Does it constrain you and make you less open to change due to being tied to the past? Please discuss. =]
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