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  1. w.e all you guys ever do is yell at me
  2. its sposed to go.... 9 x 3 = 27.. cuz they each payed 9 then 27 + 2 = 29 cuz the to on the floor so it adds up to 29 and not 30
  3. grownups are hopeless.. -.-
  4. y does a girl have to have you know whats for u to like them. they dont do anything unless you have a baby. i think its unfair cuz like like girls that dont have them yet boys dont like them as much. and then when a boy likes you ANYWAYS everyone hates him even tho they never met him if a boy likes u even tho you dont have you know whats.. id say he likes me for me... unlike boys that only like girls with you know whats.... dont you agree? so if a boy did like me even tho i didnt have then dont you think he would be nicer then the others.
  5. sorry its like habit im sorry some peeps havnt the common sense to understand what i post...... if they havnt, then they probly cant answer my questions anyways lol and lol just means ur happy and having fun i dont want to sound boring and serious like some of you peeps. science isnt meant to be boring... just condescending peeps who get irritated by imperfection get annoyed.... its like.... if a bully makes fun of u at school. hes only doing it to make him feel better then you... the truely cool kids dont need to make fun of anyone to reassure them selves there cool im not talking in text btw... ths s tlkng n txt. f i tlkd like ths i cn nderstand y u wud b mad @ me but u dnt need 2 b so picky. im just typing on my cell and its super hard to type this much
  6. i love ur sig mr skeptic i so agree with both the sentences
  7. no for being mean 2 me. your only 2 years older then me u know and i am on my cell its hard to type that much normal my brother would be super super mad at you if i told on you hes 17 to and really strong he can lift me above his head so he will make u not be mean so ha
  8. no it liked to be alone i think it died cuz it had no roots to get food it was just in a glass of water and no light i think but it was same for the other so it was still fair
  9. i cant drink energy drinks my mom things ill like blow up my heart or somthing lol i drank a amp before ballet once n like almost passed out lol im not really aloud to drink coffee too i heard coffee is worse for u then smoking and its not that i dont like sleeping.. its just i wish i cud stay up late... my body dont listen to me.. it just goes to sleep without asking me
  10. meanies ur reading it wrong:..... they each payed 10.... he gave them 1 back each now they each payed 9 9 x 3 is 27 then add the 2 on the floor... and 1 dollers is gone 27 + 2 = 29
  11. your mean i didnt do anything to you leave me alone
  12. ok i still dont get the binary thing.. and im on my cellis so its hard not to and kittens arnt as playfull i have a puppy named scooters and he plays with me we chase each other around the house i miss him lol i dont belive there was no space... i belive the universe is like.... a big open field... and all the matter is floating around it and gravity pulls it all together n a big ball.. then pressure n heat go way up and breaks all elements down to like leptons or quarks or w.e then eventually wen its its smallest it can be.. the pressure cant crush it n e more so it goes kaboom... then somehow it turns into hydrogen wen it explodes and it goes flying to space... then hydrogen make nebulas... they make suns... suns make helium... then carbon.. then iron.. then the rest of elements depending on size.. all from Nuclear fusion.... then the suns explode sending those elements to space then those elements combine for planets... then on earth.. protein.. amino acids... DNA... life... evolution... us then even tho universe is expanding gravity of everything is still pulling... so eventually it slows expansion... stops it.. pulls it back together and all the matter goes back to the center... then it all happens again =D but if humans were smart enough we cud collect elements from different planets n stuff n be able to make r own sunlight so we dont need the sun.... then we make some kind of propulsion to keep r planet resisting gravity... so they all pull to the center n earth or w.e planet we live is away from it then we cud live forever but we hav to WANT more... want to no more n better technology... so we can improve so much this wud b possible
  13. 3 boys go to a hotel they buy one room for thirty dollers so they pay ten dollers each 3 x 10 = ? then the cashier says o its only twenty five dollers so he gives each boy 1 dollers back n puts 2 on the floor of ther room for them to split so they each payd 10 and he gave them each one back so now they each payed 9 dollers 9 x 3 = ? ? + 2 = $29 were did the last dollers go?
  14. puppys are cuter then animals what is binary? 5 billion years later the big bang cud happen again but we could survive it if we hav enough smarts and technology
  15. I think the meaning of life is to be happy. I think to be happy you need somthing to look forward to. I think a human always wants more... like smarts, or toys, or looks or like anything. i think we all work to get that want... then when we get it were relly happy. but then we want more still i think a bad person wud say were never satisfied...so y try... i think its wut seperates humans from like puppys and stuff cuz we always want more. i think wanting more is good tho cuz it means were always lerning more and improving r way of life. i gess u cud say its bad for planet... but so is a rock from space hiting us and killing us like the dinasores. which will hapen again one day. but because we always want more, we will b redy and we will save r human peeps. so i think the meaning of life is to be happy... and the key way to b happy is to get wut u want... and then want more i think one day we will live to be a million years old, and live on pluto, and save the humans from the big bang wen it happens again. so do u like it lol my daddy helped me a little but i did most of it
  16. ur a boy... boys r sposed to be big.. it dont matter for boys but girls have to be small. we hav a fat girl in ballet n all the mean girls r mean to her and she trys to hit people when ther mean to her and she is super loud... just like a boy i dont want to be like her cuz boys think she is gross and peeps r mean to her and she gets mad and fights and yells like a boy n i dont want to sound mean but i dont no y she is n ballet... im not mean to her tho i never talk to her but girls hav to be alot smaller then boys or they arnt liked
  17. i want a puppy or froggy or unicorn pls
  18. my daddy used to say if i dont put vicks on, the cold monster will tuch me wen im asleep and ill get a cold so i always put on vicks cuz if u put it on and he tuches you... he will melt
  19. Kaytie11


    school is super easy lol i got 100 on my last test and we hav a test today. he texted me n said he dreamed about me last night. hes romantic to. and i think its unfair u guys dont like him even tho u like never met him... hes super super cute... and u no im a preteen.. so pls stop being like she donty understand cuz its mean... and like iv never had a boy hav a crush on me i think and ya lol just pls be nicer pls ok
  20. Kaytie11


    its only five years.... and no... my only frends r from ballet and my mom im super shy at talking to peeps lol if i talk to him about stuff i like he will think im imature 16 year old boys like grownup stuff lol yay! im not a lepton n e more lol
  21. maby he is wondering why the bugs havnt got smart and stoped crawling n peeps mouths...
  22. Kaytie11


    hi. so i met this boy shopping. he works at american eagle. he is super cute and like twice my height and weight and he asked me for my cell number today. i gave it to him and he says he has a crush on me. im textings him now and im not sure wut to say hes relly cute tho and like im gessing he is like 15 or 16 and i no im not aloud to date but hes relly cute lol i gess im half saying this cuz im super excited but also im scared he will think im immature wich im not and i dont no what to say lol i was just like wondering wut boys his age like in girls pls like alot of my frends make fun of ballet and so i no boys dont like that and ya.... i tryed to tihnk like this.... hes relly tall and cute and outgoing... so im gessing alot of girls like him... and hes like... he says like w.e he thinks and he has a city accent so i think hes from a big city... he doesnt relly seem like he likes school but he looks like he playes football or somthing cuz hes relly tall so this wud mean he likes outgoing sporty girls that talk alot and r in cheerleading im super shy... i am so bad at sports i dont even no how football works and iv never done cheerleading so im gessing he dont no me enough but wen he dose he wont like me so i shudnt even try? pls advice pls and rember hes super cute
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