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  1. For the first ones we found the intrest and the rate. Now I must find the principal. I don't know how. For finding the intrest I just did [math]P * r * t[/math] and got the answer
  2. So I would Multiply [math]I * r / T[/math] I am not sure exactly what to do buy reversing the equation.
  3. Fist off thanks for actually helping. An I think you got what I must do wrong. I got to get The principal. And how do you get all the symbols What do I do for this I=400,P=?,R=7%,t=5 I have to find the principal
  4. For what??? Agreeing with every other member.
  5. We had CE"S due and One kid brought this one in. I don't no if they were giving out condoms. I think this promotes and is a bad idea Please delete this thread. I want it to be ended. thank you
  6. WHy the goverment is doing that is smoking has brought huge income to the gov.
  7. I'll get the article we I find it. I believe that this only promotes sexs. It's basicilly saying you won't get pregant so go have sex. What are your opinoins on this topic. Open discussion
  8. OK let's discuss the difference between sex and rape. Rape is when sexual activity is forced on ones self. When someone is raped they are forced to have sex. And they will assualt is necessesary and cause harm. Sex Is when two both agree in intercourse. Which is usually to have a child. I am strongly againt abortion. (M) 13 I can't agree more. People need to think. ANd you think with all the stds people would brighten up
  9. Ok for my homework tonight we had to do problems like these: I=?,P=12,000,R=7%,T=2years I=Intrest P=Principal R=rate T=Time I=83.00,P=6000,R=?,T=3years I got how to do those(IChose random numbers) But I need help trying to get I=125,P=?,R=6%,T=6years How do I get the principal? We never learned it in class
  10. It's just annoying having 20 members tell you to clean up your writing. I am the kinda guy who doesn't care what others think about me. I don't take things to heart like that. So call me mean or a jerk or anything. I'll still be the same way
  11. The don't do this on your cell. I don't even have a cell. Well I lost mine but still.
  12. 11 I couldn't attack someone. I am not that kind of person.
  13. Please try to not to talk with text and also to make it easier to read try making sentences And using puncution
  14. No that's the thing. If you took the to best equally healthy one man and one woman there would be a minor size difference. JUst try to eat healthy and stay active follow what the health book says not the parents. Parents aren't always right. And We aren't saying your parents are mean it's like everyone is saying. There not making the right decisions for you.
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