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    What materials do I need to make algy grow and sustain it? Anything else like temperature control or is there a certain type of water i should be using?
  2. So each year i ask you guys for possible project ideas for me. for school. This year i was thinking of doing a project on Thomas Morgan Hunt and sex inheritance but i don't know i did decapentplegic homology last year and that ran around that sorta same theory. Basically, i need something in advanced biology maybe one of these: Phrenology the derivation of a persons character traits from shape of skull Mycology fungi Algology algae some project ideas and suggestions would be great! thanks ya'll
  3. Id say the possabilities of getting hit by a meteorite are astronomical haha puns, they never get old!
  4. I am prochoice so i lean tords the more pros than cons but for the sake of it all ill make you little list, because i am lazy and i like to make lists Pros 1. cures for diseases 2. opens more career oportunities 3. people constanly reproduce whats a few extra cells for researched? Cons 1. exucusses for abortion 2. the possibility of less population to tell you the truth im running out of things to list.... anyone wana help me out here?
  5. haha thats pure gold!
  6. I did a project on dreams and the REM cycle last year and i read something very interesting on lucid dreaming, something about being able to lucid dream takes practice. i personally lack control in my dreams and prefer it that way, but by all means try it out! more power to ya man!
  7. If you could mortal combat any three people in the world who would it be? and why? my top three are; 1. Bono, lead singer of U2 because its time to take off the sungalsses already and stop being such a frikkin enviormental poser!! 2. John Mayer, i hate his voice his lets help humanity sorta general attitude and hes way to pale, you live cali for !@#% sakes its called sunlight! 3. Jimmy falon, he has NOT earned the right to look at the camera after every line! YOU ARE NOT FUNNY! and when he hosted the kids choice awards he totally bombed it die already!!! .....FATALLITY..... ok your turn
  8. some years ago i took a quiz called, whats your hooker name? i got two results Polly-ona-poll Sarah-go-sideways
  9. if a man is holding a bee in his hands then what does he have?
  10. I would say anything sugar based such as candy maple syrup you get the point and believe it or not BEEF!!! yes beef, you see the corn industry has been booming in the past decade and corn is now mostly turned into ethonal, corn syrup for your sugary based product *cough piggys cough* and into corn mill for animal feed, you basically are eating corn beef=corn! so if i was to answer this complicated question in simple terms i would simply say, "C-O-R-N"!!!! last year our school embarked out to watch the feature film king corn which explains the total godlyness of corn itself, i recommend that movie its just as good as super size me but with more corn! so enjoy your corn because its about all you eat now a days
  11. I wonder if that recent plane crash of the coast of brazil is somehow related to the bermuda triangle phenomanom? The plane could have traveld near it and then lightening hit the planes controles therefor blowing it off course and into the arms of oblivion Just a theory though.... I did however google the triangle just for kicks one day and i came up with squat! Government conspiracy theories is the conclusion i came to much like area51 but then again i could have been just having one of those typical teenager days where the government can do no right and are opperating behind our back, i should have never read that stupid conspiracy book Oh well whats done is done...now back to this phenomanom! srry to get off topic cheers!
  12. If you were to have a baby in space or bring one up there this would be the result...bahahahaha:D
  13. I really enjoy how simple you made that... I am a huge fan of multiple choice answers especially wen the last choice is all of the above Thank you sir!
  14. Basically, i was talking to a friend the other day and he was going on and on about how the kids of today are over medicated and its sick and wrong, Now i happpen to be diagnosed with three of the disorders on the list below and i am beguining to realize perhaps america is over diagnosed. Of course i knew this already after doing a project on Big pharma and the entire pharmesutical industry and after putting two and two together its just flat out sad man... Anyways i did some research and found some of the top over diagnosed disorders in america today.In addition i asked around school a bit (very discreatly) and found that a big chunk of the 50 kids i go to school with are medicated for at least one of the disorders below( some medicated for two even!) but then again i take medication for two of my three... so i guess my conclusion so far is that these disorders are sort of a dime a dozen and are more human nature than actual disorders, however this little side study has not persuaded me to stop taking my meds, so once again i am a slave to my medicine cabinet... Any who, check out the list below add anymore disorders i may have missed, commentary welcome! 1. ADD (attention deficit disorder) 2. ADHD (attention deficit Hyperactive disorder) 3. Bipolar 4. OCD (obsessive compolsive disorder) 5. anxiety, scocial anxiety ect... 6. depression
  15. So i recently was listening to a podcast by uhh yaa dude about nicolas cage and his vast amounts of property! That lucky B@$%$#% has 30 houses all over the world!!! No matter where he is he can get drunk and sleep in his own bed!! But this doesnt make up for the fact that his movies suck, the knowing was so boring that instead of watchin it, i planned the best way to escape from the theatre incase of a terorist attach (which is very unlikely due to the fact that its a movie theatre and its in nowhere idaho!) anyways.... My point being is..."do you think its totally fair for crappy actors with receading hair lines *cough nicolas cage cough* to make enough money to be able top afford 30 houses?"
  16. Maybe the person who had previously occupied that tomb lost track of time hahaha....Omg time puns! just playing though... Perhaps the watch was left behind from swiss grave robbers or a previous archeological dig??? Thus its a mystery!
  17. OMG!!! I just remembered... ......Wait..... ......Wait..... ......Wait..... No I didnt
  18. Hey have you guys seen....i lost the game
  19. go check it out for yourself its pretty sweet if i do say so myself! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower_robot
  20. This Forum is missing an off topic thread so ill be the first to start it! Here you can submit stupid pics and talk about anything you desires (within good reason, keep it clean folks!)
  21. ah yes, carbon nanotubes if i recall they are a product of C20 and are a great conductor and posses the qualities to be a potential battery or so wikipedia tells me haha I did a huge project on carbon nanotubes and the Buckyball, i am so in love with Carbon its not even funny! anyways if youn want answeres start with buckminster fuller and the geometric dome then work your way throught C20 and the buckyball then get to the nanotubes and that should give you a thorough understanding of nanotubes and the wonder that is Carbon! This site should allow you to look at any structure of carbon if not let me know http://www.cochem2.tutkie.tut.ac.jp/Fuller/fsl/higher.html
  22. Sacred Geometry is the belief that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. And if you supposedly place some sacred G under your bed or on your wall that it will bring a sort of "cosmic relief" to a troubled life! I personally am going to turn this into a little expirement because i am in a rut as of now and i am going to put this sacred G inot action wish me luck! Anyways any thoughts on this??? [ATTACH]2176[/ATTACH]
  23. Just for fun, i got lots of time on my hands!
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