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  1. So just that I get this right: You mean when traveling at the speed of light every kind of journey would end instantaneously at the point you'd like to reach? Or does the instantaneous travel only work when the point of start is the same as the point of the end of your journey?
  2. Hello, I'm Andrew and I'm 16 years old. I come from Graz in Austria and am a great fan of science. Especially astrophysics has been interesting me for some time and I'd once like to follow a carrier in that field. I'm also a great fan of human spaceflight and I'm closely watching the NASA programs. I'm a student in the 10th grade in a school with its main focus an natural science. I was looking for a site on the internet, where I could talk about science and meet people with similar interests and I hope I found it here. PS: Since English isn't my mother language, please excuse my mistakes.
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