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  1. what is mechanotransduction? I could not understand please help me
  2. Sorry that is my bad. it is not u-v graft it is a-v graft. how can i change the topics name?
  3. Can somebody explain it in detail please.
  4. If we draw a line from minus infinity to plus infinity; indifference will be at 0 for all condition, indifference is opposite of nothing
  5. I you study on livings you can notice that human and other livings have lots of genetic code they share but this is not an enough evidence of human common ancestry. i disagree. If you belive in god you must belive that god designed all science and religion. Thus we can say that two creation of God, religion and science, must have relationship.
  6. Ugliness is caused by not to be got 1.61 ratio and our body and face shapes are menaged by genes. it shows that genes have an important influence on ugliness but there is no gene which is found.
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