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  1. Hi!


    jackson33 just told me you know much about this thread.. can u give me a hand out here?




    i was seeing if u could give me a hand to find a good university in England and how to get in .


    Thanks in advance!



  2. Cold fusion? humbug, file it away along with hawking radiation...
  3. We see motion, motion happens motion IS. Time well that's just a name we give to motion, indeed today the second is defined in terms of the motion of caesium atoms. Time is merely a word nothing more nothing less. I'll grant you it's difficult to realise there is no such thing as time. I can show you motion, you cannot show me time other than by some form of mechanical motion.
  4. 2300 amps eh? could you tellus how many tons you are trying to pull and what the gradient of the hill is?
  5. Not true, it presents an image as it appeared 13 billion years ago at which it could have been no more than 2.5 billion years old - the earth is 4.5 billion years old. So to be a real pain in the arse it is NOT the oldest objext in the universe
  6. Nice question, answer Nobody knows what gravity or magnetism is! we classify them as forces and can predict their behaviour but that's as far as it goes, in fact science is still unsure what a photon is, and most other things you think scientists know are just theories, electrons used to be a little sphere of mass orbiting an atomic nucleus, ie a point charge, know they think it's a 'cloud charge' next year, no doubt it will be discovered that electrons are really shaped like amphibious landing craft.
  7. I think you are measuring the circuit with it switched on! - you can't do that, a resistance meter injects a small voltage into the circuit you are measuring and records the current drawn by that circuit. So you are measuring current not resistance, it's just that the meter is calibrated in ohms (but actually reads current). If the circuit is switched on or there is a capacitor or other small charge in the circuit it may easily 'swamp' the tiny signal from the meter and be recorded as 'negative'. Leave the circuit switched off over night and disconnected from it's power source, then try to to measure it again in the morning, if it still reads 'negative ohms' patent it quick!
  8. What is the most dense material that can exist on Earth? Human brain cells, there's nothing more dense than you humans!
  9. I think you would have to produce a spherical missile then introduce spin to it, the friction would then be different on each side and thus the trajectory might be curved. THe type of gun required is called a Musket, however when we had muskets we complained that we wanted the projectile to travel in a straight line - There's no pleasing some people...
  10. If it was easy to break the HO bond, we would not exist, after all this time sunlight would have destroyed all the water on teh surface of the earth, life would not have started, so although many think it's a shame we can't break the bond easily, I for one am quite pleased!
  11. Time does NOT exist, sorry, there's only motion, BUT people will deny to their last breath this idea, in the same way they cannot concieve of life without money, they cannot concieve of a universe without time.
  12. And with a world full of idiots, what would they want here anyway? Unless of course they just use us as a 24hr comedy channel.
  13. Seti is rubbish, our deep space network can just about pick up signals from the voyagers, they transmit around 15watts of power at a distance of 10 billion miles, (15 light hours) scale this up and you require some 100million watts of power at the source (and remember this is all narrow beam...) There are no transmitters on earth that trasmit that much power, typical high power uhf transmitters (which radiate all around) with only a small portion of this power going into space radiate a total of around 1 million watts of which about only 5kw (0.005%) can be considered 'beamed' towards a particular point in space. The antennas are designed to radiate around not up. Seti is nothing like as sensitive as the Deep space network. Ask any Radio Amatuer. Nope, whoever the physycists are that advise SETI they are not radio engineers!
  14. ???? You mis-understand, (or I did not make myself clear) - in my previous example the intention was that we were both looking at the SAME atomic event counter, each counting the same set of events, after 1 million of these we compare the time from our stop watches. I was not condescending, If I called you a dumb assed bastard and you weren't that might be but I'd be insulting all those other Dumb assed bastards out there wouldn't I? Nothing personal, just I have become addicted to forums, unless I can a life ban from them all I'll probably lose my next job as well..... If you do, PLs delete my Avatar - THanx.
  15. Megabrain


    So where did this supposed 'animal' originate? and why hasn't 'Bigfoot City Wyoming POP 12834 Neandathals' been found on Google earth yet?
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