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  1. Weel we don't real know for shure what our "feelings" are - acording to me - so that's why i feel suspicious.
  2. I haven't had it for years!
  3. To me it looks like a paradox.. If we change someting in the past it - acording to my view - would change the future! If what danny says dosen't happen then the past and the future have no real connection. If i were to send something back to me, that i have in possesion in the future, i would end upp with the same object in the future too, but this time it would come from the past but sent from the same future... So when i send it back to me, and my past me hangs it on the wall, it must correclty apear on my future wall too. If not our current understanding - or mine - is not enough.
  4. A such smart AI might become dangerous, since it would think like us or even more advanced and with less "feelings". Especielly if it learned that it were being used so that humans wouldn't need too work. Another problem with such an AI would be that i would make that Human carmechanic out of a jobb. I belive that we don't need to take away humans jobb, but instead use robots were can't - or were it is to hazardous - go.
  5. The neat thing is there already exist prediciting theorys that imply that time, as far as we can se it -1 dimensional then-, is a manifastaion of a 3 dimensional time. I blive this theory was put forth in Scientific american around 2003-2004. Interesting reading but i don,t remember the the articles name nor the scientist/s involved. And it supossed to be around planck scale and beyond that this real 3d time is being put in the lime light =)
  6. adsorption? neverheard of that please more info Swansont!
  7. Luke: The phenomena u describes is called Lorentz contraction. And form an observer u will become thinner, altough u won't be able to measure it yourselve! And u will also only contract in the direction u are traveling. A recent description i did read was that Gravity is a manifestation of time. when ut lift something out of a gravity field u lift it out of time. i bleive it was Penrose (not shure though) that mentioned this. Sorry for the bad description, but Penrose indeed mentioned this due to GR indicates this. Someone else might further emphasize this.
  8. Since my view on light is as it is, that light can't lose energy in that way. Becasue of the fact, to me, that light only travels in zero time hence no loss of energy in your example. It can deviate time back and forth, but this effect always cancels out in the big picture. And for Dark matter we are already getting in elementary particles like the neutrino for example. That before was tought as a "sister" of the Photons and as being massless. But later research oscilations in neutrinos which indicate a small mass. From what i have read neutrinos might well be filling up alot of space, altough this is hard to measure with a particle that has a very low interaction with "common" matter. Another candidate and one i find very likely and heavy is the Black holes, i belive we have experimentel evidence(do we?, hard to keep track here since everbody writes about them as a matter of fact). These bastards might well constitute a big bunch of all the missing heavy weight champs out there! Gravitons are one two, altough here i know extremly little about(if these even exists).
  9. 5614: After a Pion decays it produces an Electron - Positron pair. Which in turn are entagnled in the decay! There are no ions (positiv or negatic atoms, which u already know) or for that instance atoms involved in the process swansont describes! Just a Pion. Whom is an elementeray particle, and should not be in any way related to atoms ions.. A Pion decays in a e- and p+.
  10. I did indeed read upp on a test where the new Athlon, i belive it was the FX, the new beat the crap put of a double 2ghz G5! But i'll try to seek the source out for you since i don't have all figures in fresh! One test with cinebench: http://barefeats.com/g5c.html (here with Intel, AMD and G5) One more with G5:s against AMD: http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,112749,pg,8,00.asp Interesting info on future AMD CPU:s (read it!) http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-37045.html That's al for now.. judge yourselve! I love my frinds OS X... but not the inzane prize he bought a darn old G3 for....
  11. If the Particles are truly entangeled what u say here won't happen.
  12. Further more COBE:s meseurments indeed supports the Big Bang theory, much due to the horizon problem that i most shurely belive COBE did see... but my memory isn't frech on that specifik point.
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