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  1. His chipset might not support more than 3 gig of memory. page file. google on how to increase it.
  2. If your talking about D1 its a diode grouping to convert AC into DC
  3. OK I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon, but would it be entirely too confusing to start watching BSG now without having seen the eariler stuff, or should i find a way to watch the older stuff first?
  4. Politicians are so misinformed about certain things like the differance in Clips and Magazines. For the less informed I give you Figure 1:
  5. <Gilded> I sort of need to go to the shop but at this hour there are all kinds of elderly and weird people there <Raxo> so? <Capn_Refsmmat> Don't worry, you're weird enough gonna rag on myself here <Capn_Refsmmat> It's always fun to sit around thinking what certain people would be like drunk <Raxo> i want to be drunk on irc once <Gilded> Or alternatively what the would be like sober <Raxo> see if any good quotes show up <Capn_Refsmmat> or if you can spell any better <Raxo> Capn_Refsmmat, i hoep i can
  6. i have added you on bacefook

  7. MonsieurChauvin: Stating "truth" in large bolded font does not make it true.
  8. <Gilded> I've probably told this before but I've seen Avril Lavigne live <Raxo> SINNER <Raxo> BURN IN THE FIRES OF TEENT BOB HELL <Raxo> *TEENY <Gilded> I JUST WENT FOR THE UNDERAGE GIRLS proof that Gilded likes the little girls
  9. a Water molecule with a left over O. As to why, its really the only way for the equation to balance itself out H2 + O2 ----> H2O + H
  10. If you can give us the router model number we'll be able to help you better
  11. It seems to me that the only thing that stays on Fox longer than 2 seasons are: sports, "reality" tv, and sitcoms that rely on toilet humor and sex appeal. All while shows like Firefly, Dark Angel get canned with almost no hope of return.
  12. That show won't do much better that FF or any other non-reality show, unfunny sitcom or Sports ever has on FOX.
  13. I fail to see why a batch file like this would be needed when the Run as command will let you run a program as another user, and any administrative actions needed to be taken you don't need to be in the user's account (assuming this is a Server 2003 Active Directory Domain) And there is always logging off and logging back on as the second user.
  14. I've gotten 90% isopropyl alcohol at wal-mart to clean the lens on a dvd player
  15. how's they manage that I though Google would pay them?
  16. Is a constant rotational velocity accelerating?
  17. The Alien is moving faster then him. Space-time contraction.
  18. 13:50:53 <Capn_Refsmmat> someone ought to do a psychological study into the minds of Crackpots 13:52:54 Raxo dons his psychological hat 13:53:00 <Raxo> THEY'RE NUTS 13:53:06 Raxo takes off the hat 13:55:05 <Capn_Refsmmat> thank you for that insightful commentary
  19. Did you try reinstalling adobe?
  20. Numbers in one Reference Frame. The Reference Frame (an atomic clock) aboard the ship would say otherwise. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hafele-Keating_experiment << should help explain it.
  21. All physical tests performed on the trip-taking brother should show his age to be 35 though.
  22. Gmail's web-interface seems ok to me. I've never really liked email clients anyway
  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Vista_editions Ultimate is the whole package Business is Ultimate minus DVD authoring, media center and disk encryption Enterprise is Business with disk encryption Home Premium is Ultimate with out the disk encryption Home basic is the bare minimum that is still called Vista
  24. /me glomps mooeypoo

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