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  1. I remember hearing of a chemical, a neurotransmitter to which THC is an analouge of. It was called anadamine or amandamine or amide or something. I have tried looking up all of the variations of what i thought it was, but im not getting any results so i must not have the name right. So thats all im wondering is does anyone know the name, or does it even exist
  2. I do not believe there are any autotrophs with nervous systems, but is there any reason why they couldnt develop them? or would it be possible to stimulate, or genetically fabricate such a mutation? The reason i wonder is, because if it is possible, would not autotrophs quickly become the most intelligent species, surpassing us by far? for example in the state i live in within this land so called The United States, lives the largest known organism (by weight, not volume, if i recall the trophy for volume is for a fungus in oregon) named Pando, a single male Quaking Aspen of 6615 tons. As mobile heterotrophs we are restricted to a brain we can carry in our skulls without unreasonable effort exerted. If Pando were capable of growing a brain he would have no such limitations. Not to mention what kind of wisdom Pando may have aquired given his age of 80,000 yrs. Pando would consider us as mentally limited as we might regard aphids.
  3. foursixand2


    not much. I am very interested in science, and consider myself scientifically minded, however i did not apply myself in high school, and alas i am currently employed as a convenience store clerk at a gasoline station. Which obviously does not provide me time and money for further education, beyond my internet connection. So for now wikipedia and scienceforums are closest i come to college. Not that you wanted to hear my sad story but there it is anyhow.
  4. so the two d lattices are basically variants of triangles and squares, making the hexagonal/equaliteraltriangle lattice the most unique one, being the only 2D lattice based on a triangle. thanks for the assistance goodfellows.
  5. foursixand2


    Sorry i wasnt very specific originally. I wasnt meaning to ask why one or the other was called negative versus positive. I presumed it was arbitrary. What i want to know is what is the fundamental principal that makes them opposites. I think Gilded comes closest to answering that, though i need to do some reading to understand what all that means. I guess i'll look up the Dirac monopole too.
  6. square and hexagon are two. what are the other three?
  7. foursixand2


    a very simple, possibly stupid question. What makes an electron negative, a proton positive? Why do they oppose each other?
  8. foursixand2

    Heat Power

    It is so damn hot. And i probably dont have any right to cry, relative to Arizonans, Nevadans, or anywhere else where its similarly sweltering. I cant help but think this heat ought to be doing something. There must be some way to harvest energy from this heat, is there a system like this in use? Maybe it would just be solar energy, i dont even know how that works though. What im thinking of is like fields of metal rods, painted the blackest black absorbing all the heat, making energy, and then routing it back to me, running an AC. All this heat can be put to work, i know it. Tell me how so i can make one.
  9. i disagree. Probably only with your particular word choice, not what you actually mean. There is no need to respect anyone elses illogical beliefs. I think i would be wise not to critisize certain peoples religions, within close physical proximity of fundamental adherents. But that goes no further than an issue of concern for my personal well being. For example, i would not go into the hood of any particular gang, flashing symbols of rival gangs, to make any sort of point. The reason for this decision is purely the desire to not be capped, it absolutely does not mean i have a shred of respect for that gang in my choice to refrain from threatening them. What i do believe we should have respect for, is the psychology behind a fundamentalist. We need to come to the logical realization that religious indoctrination is a sort of developmental disorder. Only a negligible minority of extremists, consciously chose to follow the path they do. There is nothing essentially different from these people compared to a healthy human. Their parents drove these ideas into their innocent minds practically from birth. The same ideas their parents drove into their childhood. Indoctrination is incurable in most cases, and no one is to blame, except us for not having discovered a solution to the problem.
  10. Apologies if this has been covered anywhere, but im not going to read the entire thread. John makes a very interesting assertion but gives no explanation. Is there one?
  11. As a sleep aid is my current use of it, so mainly the comparison i am wondering about. An OTC pill called Sleep Md incorporates Salicin from White Willow, as well as Valerian and Passionflower. Sleep Md used to work very well for me, but i think ive built a tolerance, so ive been experimenting with different amounts of the various herbs, as seperate supplements. I found that Aspirin is a similar compound to Salicin, so i am just wondering if there is much difference between the two if i am making my own sleep cocktail from the individual chemicals. Information about other effective sleep aids is welcomed of coarse. But I dont find Diphenhydramine particularly effective for me : of coarse it knocks me out, but then it gives me cotton mouth from hell, which usually wakes me, this is even at the lowest possible dosage . . . . isuppose i am sensitive to it or something.
  12. I am just going to say the same thing i always do in this sort of argument. The whole idea is a confusion of definitions. That time does not exist is only true if by time you mean our subjective perceptions and methods of measuring it. This is among the simplest of speculations that can be made and really isnt worth anyones time. The simple way to realize time is this : An object travels from point A to point B. Another object travels this same distance at twice the speed. What do you call this phenomenon? The other object traveled the same distance in less time than the first. Motion takes place over time. If we wanted to more precisely measure this event, or any event in the real world that involves time, obviously we would have to create a subjective system of measurement. We are man and thus this system would be manmade. The system measures time, which exists independently of man. I dont understand what else there could be to discuss. Its just silly. Time is real. Holy poop on a stick, lets move on to something more interesting. Now that is an interesting tidbit and mostly unrelated to the original silly premise of the thread. Why do we process audio quicker though light is much faster than sound?
  13. I do assume it would i just dont know anything about the process, i'd like to know more about how it does, which hopefully ill learn from reading that article
  14. I dont think that could be true. Even light takes time to travel a distance, for example the light of our sun reaches our planet within 8 minutes. So are you saying rather you could travel anywhere within that 'beam' of light? that makes more sense . . . maybe. I'd just want to know the reason behind that statement also what would be the definition of light here? Is not light electromagnetic radiation? and if that is the case isnt there a difference in speed from sonar, to radio, infrared, visible, ultrasonic, ultraviolet (thats probably not the right order but you understand the principal of my question)
  15. do you have more details about that study at that university that i could read up on?
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