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  1. Hello, I'm a high school freshman and aspire to be a virologist
  2. i dont think anyone can speculate on evolution of other organisms that are billions of light years away. there are hundreds, thousands, of factors that could influence said evolution. all organisms on earth are adapted to an oxygen environment and the earth environment, and hence universally have a loose parallel structure. on another planet, you might as well let your mind run abound.
  3. no, i dont disagree, i mistakenly thought that since you said "hmmm.." THEN posted the text of the oath, that it was somehow mocking me. so i apologize.
  4. your point? i know what it is, and i'm just saying that doctors hold it in the highest esteem and euthanasia would profoundly go against it.
  5. i mean the natural cycle of life, as it would be in the absence of humans. there isnt really much we should avoid when considering that...
  6. arbitrary law? its an oath taken by doctors and is vitally important to this issue...
  7. im surprised no one has invoked Hippocrates' law for this
  8. are human embryos human beings? obviously this stems from stem cell research (no pun intended) a controversial issue. a factor seemingly never touched on is the philosophy that diseases and sickness are nature's way of limiting overpopulation, so should we take life away from a living breathing fetus to possibly help an elderly citizen, and thus disrupt the cycle of life?
  9. ah well thank you. i'll now leave you two to this debate. however, many scientists are looking into engineering viruses to combat other diseases, which would certainly not a bioweapon.
  10. and why would you want sodium bicarbonate? or sodium carbonate, or whatever it is that the end result is
  11. you are all forgetting how advanced alien technology will be. just look at how far human technology has progressed in the last 100 years! think about it! if aliens had been around for just 1000 years instead of the proposed 2 BILLION, they would have technology the likes of which we can only imagine.
  12. you were probably thinking about spelling ingest right
  13. im not. what im saying is that salvia divinorum is literally pulled from the ground, and smoked or chewed. thats different than most drugs that "have their origins in plants" also, salvia divinorum has been around for hundreds, potentially thousands of years and no adverse effects are currently documented. hence, i consider it a "safe" way.
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