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  1. Before man understood the earth,remember they came to the conclusion that the earth was flat,to the point where you could have been executed if you said otherwise.I am saying we are coming to conclusions before we even begin the journey.There could have been an alternate dimension that tore through a weak point between itself and our dimension.So what was regarded as a big bang was really like water suddenly tearing into the hull of a submarine and filling it. I believe in creation,so I am just making suggestions from the point of view of those who believe in a big bang.Time would have had to exist even before the big bang for it to have occurred at a given moment,however the evidence of the elapse of time would have began at the big bang.Time itself is the very essence of existence which is what I think man is always trying to grasp.Objects exists in time,but time does not need anything to exist. If I were to support the big bang theory,then it would have had to occur in time and not begin time as is commonly believed.The problem scientist have is they can't account for time before the big bang, since there is no point of reference before it does not mean it was not there like still water undisturbed by the existence of matter and energy.The thing that humans try to wrap their minds around is the entirety of space,just how far does it go,since our logical mind tells us that there must be an end to everything.We are very logical as humans and that's our weakness to understanding the universe,we have come to the conclusion that 1+1=2 everywhere in the universe.The reality is there may be places in existence that 1+1 has no meaning or it means something different from 2.Our minds are so young and set in it's ways that we ultimately stand in our own way.We know so little about the brain in our own heads and yet we are trying to put the universe (infinity) into perspective.The question I leave is can finite beings put eternity into perspective,which is what we spend our lives trying to do.To say what was there before the big bang is equally asking ourselves the same question "where does the emptiness of space end? These are two questions too big to answer with science alone which is why I believe in the God of the Bible.Science is very logical and finite with limits.Spirituality easily goes beyond the limits of science into eternity.
  2. There are many attributes that must be possessed to be called God,especially the God of the bible.Attributes such as perfect holiness,perfect righteousness,infinite power,wisdom and knowledge,perfect in love,mercy and compassion.Indeed the God of the bible who is my God fits all this attributes,He is the indescribable one.He does not think or follow human logic,knowledge or morality.He through his prophets instead lead humans to become like him as he meant us to be.We fell because he gave us free will and we were decieved by the Devil.God provided a way back to himself through Jesus Christ who himself is God just as his father is God.I look forward to beholding his face one day.
  3. I believe God gave his creation free will,because of who he is and his nature.He does not limit free will because trhen it would not be free will.Free will is a testament to Gods absolute supremacy.This means that there is nothing we or any other part of his creation can do to stop him or affect him being God.If God did not give us free will it would mean that maybe there is something he must restrict us from that may help us to stop him being God.We are free to think and do what ever we want because none of this can ever affect his supremacy.He how guides us for our own well being so that free will does not destroy us,like it did to the devil.
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    I think since everything exist at specific moment on time,then time in lay mans terms really is just a series of moments.For eg. If I were sitting in a chair and then I got up and went on my bed.There will forever be a specific moment in time when I was sitting in the chair.If I could pause anyone of these series of moments I could go back to looking at myself sitting in the chair.It's exactly what a camera does when we take a photo it take a snap shot of one of those series of moments.If there is a car parked in the picture then that car was at that specific location at that moment in time.This is why we can't travel forward or backwards in time because we can't skip any of those series of moments. I don't think light would be timelss,though it is the fastest thing we humans know it does not mean it is the fastest thing there is.Light can't be timeless since it takes time for light to travel great distances and it's affected by gravity which might have an effect on its speed.
  5. Why is it that man think that he can solve or put the universe into perspective with a few theories.Scientist say that at a black hole every scientific law fails,so why do we think our little theories hold water every where in all of eternity.A billion trillion light years from earth,does the same laws of physics apply? This is way bigger than our minds can handle.Just try to put eternity into perspective,imagine a number with zeroes from the earth to the edge of our galaxy,that would be an impossibly large number and yet that number would be microscopic in eternity. The big bang theory would have problems since it's primarly based on the fact that at specific moment an infinitismal point of matter and energy exploded.But matter and energy would have had to be in existence already for that to happen.If a pulsar or a black hole is so dense,imagine all the matter and energy in the universe constricted into one point.There is no law of physics that can support this "infinitismal point" because non can be applied to it.I don't know why they called it the big bang when it would be a totally quiet explosion( again defying physics) in a total vacuum.Our laws of physics fail again if we are going to think what exist before the point exploded,It brings new questions such as how much time had elapsed before this moment. Could be timeless infinity occurred before the big bang? We still know far too little to make definitive statements about this impossibly big universe.It's like an amoeba in a drop of water on a leaf saying I know everything about the earth.
  6. This is a very mind twisting thing to think about.If the big bang which I don't believe in really gave rise to matter and ant-matter,then before the big bang there would only be a timeless matterless eternal vacuum.This would pose a lot of problems for the big bang theory because you can't have matter or ant-matter coming out of nothing.So we are left with the basic answer that everything began with a creator. Order can't come from confusion.If you have a box of leggos and you leave them unassembled for 100 trillion years,they will still be that way for ever.If you come back and find them assembled or nicley arranged then obviously somebody intervened.
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