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  1. Even out side of religious reasons,the existence of God is certain.One of the unique qualities humans have is self awareness, to the point where we start looking outside of ourselves for answers about things.This trait I believe was given to us by a much higher level of intelligence than ourselves.It's also this trait that have enabled us to completely dominate the earth and rule over every other living thing.This is exactly what the bible tells us in Genesis.There won't be a time when a dog will look up at the sky and wonder what and who is out there,we humans do it because we are connected spiritually to someone way more powerful than our selves out there and we are drawn to him.
  2. The best answer to all these questions is that all reasoning failed before and at the point of singularity .
  3. The big question is are we living in an illusion? If everything we see through our telescopes are billions of years in the past,Could it be that we are now living in a universe that has expanded so much that if we looked up at the present night sky we would see a starless sky? How can we make definitive statements and calculations about objects that might not even exist anymore,even though their light is just arriving at our telescopes after billions of year traveling through space.
  4. Pretty interesting and logical definition you have for singularity.I guess you can get away with it from that point of view,but this would mean that time itself transcends the laws of physics since I believe it's the only thing that would not have failed or could be applied to that moment of singularity.I always have to take the amateurs view when it comes to dealing with time because its such a deeply complex thing to wrap the mind around.
  5. Indeed evil cannot dwell in God's presence,that's why Satan was thrown out of heaven.Satan could absolutely not have maintained his position in heaven with evil being found in him.Didn't Jesus always rebuke evil when it came into his presence? DL you actually do believe in God,even though you do not want to admit it.I find it strange that people are always angry at God and blame him for everything,yet they say nothing about the devil or blame him for anything. Think of God's mercy for a minute,even the very breathe we use to curse his name he provides it.
  6. The word is always foolishness to the non believer.
  7. From a scientific stand point that's an impossible statement.How can something have mass but no volume.How can mass and density be infinite yet occupy space and time,but have no volume.That's a complete paradox there,every known law of physics failed with that statement.This is the reason the whole theory of the big bang has no leg to stand on because singularity is impossible to achieve.This is why the big bang will always be a theory. This theory has it's foundations based on too many assumptions
  8. I do believe that time has no beginning or end.I think the entirety of space itself is really time and everything that exist within it,big bangs,multi-dimensions,multi-verses ect gives us indications of its' existence.Remove all these things and time settles out like a pond eventually does after you throw a stone in it.If nothing happens then it remains absolutely still to the point of seeming non existent until it's disturbed.Contrary to my previous post I think time does not need anything to exist but everything needs time to exist,it's like the pond does not need the fish to exist,but the fish needs the pond to exist. Therefore I believe from a purely scientific point of view that only time would have been there before the big bang because the big bang would have needed time in order for it to occur at that very specific moment (in time).
  9. DL,The scripture simply means you must be willing to put him ahead of everything you hold dear,it does not mean you must actually hate the people mentioned.DL,I take it you are angry with God about something or you have bought into some lie the devil has told you.Jesus said " love your enemies and do good to those who hate you" could a line like that ever come from anybody else on this earth. Please don't be angry at God,but seek him whole heartedly and you will find him because he said he would never let you seek him in vain.
  10. I think most people's problem with God is the fact that he did not destroy Satan the moment he sinned.The reality is that God allows satan to run rampant as ample proof to all creation and existence that satan's way leads to destruction.Why would a supreme God need to destroy satan immediately,this would bring his supremacy into question among the angels,they would wonder who is next.He also did not destroy Adam and Eve immediately when they sinned,instead he showed mercy and gave them and their descendants a chance to redeem themselves.Do you think the devil at anytime would give any of us a chance or show us mercy.The state of the world today is satans work and yet he has been restrained or we would never live another second.If Satan was really allowed to do what he wants,do you think anyone of us would be here to be talking about issues in this forum? Look at what happened with Job,God placed limitations on satan because God knew satan would kill Job if given the opportunity.Jesus came and restored the bridge between man and God so all that is left now is the second coming when all things will be made new and sin and its originator are removed completely.
  11. I think you are missing the point,God exist from eternity to eternity,we and everything exist within that so there is never anything new to God,there is no new information to him.Since he exist from eternity to eternity then this is a testament to his unfathomable supremacy and there this absolutely give him the position as the True God.Sin has not place in God's presence,sin is anything that is done in opposition to God's way.God is supreme,this is why the devil wanted to be like him but such infinite power cannot never be wielded by evil.
  12. God absolute does not change and I am talking about the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.God is the ultimate in all things except sin.What new thing could there be for God to learn or know.Yes his creations change but he does not.Does God consult anyone for advice,help or knowledge? NO! That's why he is God,the one true God.
  13. Personally I don't the presence of time is required for anything to exist.I am speaking about time as an amateur so I know the pro's might have other ideas.Is it correct to say time can only be detected only when there is an elapse of time.If for example you were placed in an absolute void,nothing else in existence except you.Would you age? Since there would still need to be the passage of time for that to happen.If the answer is yes,then it would mean before the big bang only time would have existed in that infinite void.
  14. I don't understand your paradox in relation to God's existence.God can and has revealed himself to mankind through religion and science addition to the fast universe we see.The very fact that God is God means nothing can be applied to him as well as everything that is good can be applied to him.God can be in this universe without anything about the universe being applied to him because he is God.Because he is God he came and walked among us and we did not die in his presence as well as he can reveal himself as he truly is and we would die in his presence.Can we do anytthing to ever stop God being God.
  15. BCJ, I see you have already placed limitations on yourself with that closed minded response.Guess what even garbage must be accounted for in the universe. A couple of centuries ago someone dared to think beyond the horizon and said the earth is round.The answer they got was "what garbage is this".
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