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  1. It's because that's not why I made this thread, but I also said "at least not right away". I don't mind if it eventually turns into that kind of discussion. I just wanted you to wait. It probably would have been a good idea. To be honest, I kind of posted this thread without thinking and doing a little research first. Sorry about that.
  2. Haha, perhaps, and don't worry about the electrocuting myself thing. I'm usually pretty careful around dangerous stuff, though I've been known to do dumb things, like grab onto a piece of iron that I had just welded... without a glove... yeah, that was smart
  3. I don't really know a lot about psychology, but I'd be willing to take a look at some more advanced stuff if you think I might be able to understand some of it. If I don't understand something, I can always try looking it up online.
  4. If you don't mind, I'd rather not have this thread turn into that kind of discussion, or at least not right away.
  5. Well, that's not exactly what I was planning, but it sounds kind of like a crazy idea, so I like it. Rail/coil gun combo it is! I just need to go dumpster diving because someone felt like throwing out some of the stuff I was going to use to make it with. If you smell something funny tomorrow, it's probably just me after a refreshing swim in a month's worth of garbage.
  6. What do you know about Borderline Personality Disorder? I recently learned a friend of mine has it, so I thought it might help to know more about it, like what kinds of problems people with it have and more about how it's treated. Any advice you might have would be appreciated too.
  7. Someone can go ahead and delete this, since I'm just talkin' to myself here.
  8. Guess I'll just give it a try then. Here's hoping I don't electrocute myself.
  9. I'm thinking of making a low powered coil gun, but I don't have a lot of experience with electricity and electromagnets, and I have a few concerns about the following setup. For the thing that turns the coil on and off, I was wondering if using the projectile as a bridge between two contacts in the barrel would work. The idea is that when the projectile reaches the two contacts, it would complete a circuit that turns on the power supply for the next coil, and also turns off the previous coil if there is one. So for a single stage gun there would be two sets of contacts, the ones that turn the coil on, and the ones that turn it off. Do you think this would work, or should I try something else?
  10. Did you get my message? It says "not yet read" under your name in the conversation.
  11. I need one There's a beat up truck that I saw driving around here that had huge tires, stickers everywhere, and a short chain with some rubber balls on the end of it, hanging off of the rear bumper. I can't believe someone actually would drive that monstrosity.
  12. When I was computer shopping late last year and early this year, the price of most desktops + all that other stuff was still cheaper than the notebooks I was looking at.
  13. "Would you feel comfortable showering with gays?" Well, I don't really feel comfortable showering with other people, but I wouldn't feel more uncomfortable if they were gay. "But I wonder: do we have policies like these because we're neurotic, or are we neurotic because we have policies like these?" The chicken and the egg. I think they cause each other.
  14. 80070643, 80071A91, and 78F. I ran a search for each of them, and one for all of them. Found nothing that worked.
  15. I searched, I tried, I failed. Failure always seems to be an option when it comes to computers and programs .
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