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  1. Were not supposed to solve this using the quadratic equation. It's supposed to be done by completing the square using the formula- ax^2 + bx +c=0 x^2 +bx/a = -c/a
  2. I keep doing the problem like the formula says but I keep getting the wrong answer The problem is m^2-3=-m 21. m^2 -3=-m m^2 +m-3=0 m^2/1 +m/1=3/1 m^2+(m/2)^2=3 m^2 +m+0.25=3 + 0.25 m^2 + m +0.25=3.25 (m+0.5)^2= square root of 3.25 m+0.5= square root of 3.25 and thats where I get stuck because when I look in the back I see im way off. Can someone explain what im doing wrong. It would be a big help.
  3. Only 1 of the questions are True, and only 1 is false the rest are ? marks. A well-liked college teacher had just completed making up the final examinations and had turned off the lights in the office. Just then a tall, broad figure with dark glasses appeared and demanded the examination. The professor opened the drawer. Everything in the drawer was picked up and the individual ran down the corridor. The dean was notified immediately. Which one is true and which one is false. 1. The thief was tall and broad and wore dark glasses 2. The professor turned off the lights. 3. A tall figure demanded the examination. 4. the examination was picked up by someone. 5.The examination was picked up by the professor. 6.A tall, broad figure appeared after the professor turned off the lights in the office. 7. The man who opened the drawer was the professor 8. The professor ran down the corridor 9. The drawer was never actually opened 10. Three persons are referred to in this report.
  4. It's between The Godfather 1, Goodfellas, or Star Wars Episode III. I bet you can't guess which one doesn't fit. lol.
  5. Hey my name is Johnny and I'm not really into science, but I am starting to like math a lot more since I began college (in high school I was terrible in math) and I decided to join this forum to chat with others who enjoy math as well.
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