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  1. hmm. I saw something about printing guns. It seems like the reinforcing wouldn't do very much. I like the concrete "printing" concept. Concrete is difficult to lay out in a form. This is a controlled means of squirting it out. All in one day. Impressive.
  2. Tidal forces don't appear to be entirely driven by force of more gravity but the tide seems to rise by the lunar forces some how. I don't know that this occurs in waves however.
  3. You know this for a fact? What's the catch?
  4. We need more The KEY to tornado genesis is low pressure. Tornadoes move from low pressure to higher pressure. But not just low pressure. The low pressure has to be driven by something. It has to be maintained. The previous graphic also display the maintenance of low pressure which is about 1000 and over top of Iowa. High pressure air moves in the low pressure area. When it at low pressure it condenses water and convection begins. Do you have nothing better to do with the time on earth God gave you?
  5. The people have been urning for a pointed topic. A tornado is basically a circular wind. As wind spins around it is thrown outwards creating a vacuum. The vacuum pulls it inwards. It spins really fast. This is a suspected tornado. This is results of a tornado. This is a non-casualty of a tornado. This radar is not full size so the purple high points are hard to see. There is one in Michigan and one or two in North Carolina. The activity in North Carolina is where the discussion starts. This is a water vapor satellite image. Notice the bursting action in North Carolina. This is a signature characteristic of a locally generated tornado. The is further WV bursting at the Mississippi river delta. Tornadoes are classified as convective systems. Convective systems occur when gaseous water condenses into liquid form. To evaporate water, energy must be added. For example a pot of boiling water. When water condenses, the heat that evaporated the water is released to something from the water. It could be another cold drop of water or the air. Ideal gas law PV=nRT Increasing the temperature increases the volume because this is an open air system sort of. The air expanse but the mass remains the same. The lower density rises and this is due to pressure really. Because we are on the rise more water condenses which releases more heat energy. This situation could actually be reproduced with substances other than water. That is not to say meteorology is a sterile science. But the calculations yield very accurate data. The difficult faced is that this ordinarily occurs far above the ground. While internally a cloud may contain a vortex the vortex is not driven on the ground. Ground driven convection is actually rather cumbersome. It will struggle to yield any rain at all. Higher altitude convection can draw from the air below it. As air convects upward it leaves a vacancy. If the vacancy is filled by higher pressure air below it that air will condense water just as the air previous had at about the same pressure and altitude. And it will also move upwards and leave a vacancy.
  6. I have been using the latitude field on all of the sites. If you are in England you're probably 49.5. North maybe 51 or 52? Visibility. I want to be visible and I want people who I do not know to stare at me. I would dominate a reality type show. If you are looking for the underlining cynicism, I have not formed my thoughts about daylight saving time yet. How do spell yamika?
  7. Solar angle in essence dictates the solar energy. It is only directly over head at noon. Otherwise there is a reduction of energy. On August ninth, the solar angle is higher in Dallas than Philadelphia after 7 o'clock in the morning. June 10th is interesting a 5 o'clock am London is at 8.6 degrees Why are you so cold? According to that wunderground solar energy calculator, 37 degrees gets 345 kWhr/year. I've tried to find the calculations that were being preformed but I could not. It is all in JS which I don't know. At 40 degrees gets 290 kWhr/year. 50 kWhr drop off which then eases off. 58 degrees still sees a month with nearly total the energy as the equator, of course this would be over the course of the extended day. 178 kWhr/year is a respectable number. Such a situation would be highly sensitive to any variation due to the low level of light at any one given point in time. The high points of the 36-39 area are not due to the variations in the winter. These locations would experience the greatest effects of any climate change. Theoretically this region could become substantially hotter than the Sahara desert.
  8. According to the wundergrond solar panel energy calculator, Dallas Texas does receive more total daily solar energy on 6 months than does the equator. There is a monthly variation of solar energy at the equator. But it always 12:07 sunlight per day. This calculator may go by monthly averages which would not be 100% correct. The solar energy at equator calculates 332 kWhr/year (I'm using the first panel) Dallas texas 314 kWhr/year. Philadelphia calculates 340 kWhr/year! London however only gets 204 kWhr/year.
  9. Yep The angle of radiation is important. Take a unit circle. Radius of 1. The sunny half of circle, the longitude is 3.14 length. Diameter is 2. So the incoming area of radiation is 2 spread over 3.14. On march 20th: cos 0 =1 at the equator one. cos of 45 = 0.707 (or %70 grade direct sunlight at noon) Dallas cos 35 = .819 Philadelphia cos 39 = .777 London cos 51= .63 Tropic of cancer and capricorn are at 23.5 degrees. London cos (51-23.5) = .89. In theory London England will receive more radiation on the solstice than all other locations. That calculation was only high noon however. Look at the pole angle facing the sun it does present itself as a positive angle. Its not just living in the shadows. Of course everything always averages out. The nature of circular trigonometry is not exactly kind at 51 degrees only receiving 63% for 12 hours on March 20. Whereby the "growing season" is shorter.
  10. It's probably blowing chemtrails out there somewhere http://www.flightradar24.com/14.9,-120.94/2 http://flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/ Looks like it lands right at the bus terminal! This one is waiting to pick someone up at the airport. flight or246 Boeing 767-375(ER) Everyone has these new planes these days. easyjet.com it blows Maintenance photo shot from a helicopter. This is why I never fly on an airbus. Do a barrel roll! Dancing on the runway. Tacky paint job. Landing gear, landing gear, landing gear. I take that back. Say cheese googled cheaptickets again
  11. My air conditioner is a heat exchanger. The heat generated could in theory be used to drive the system, I guess. Old refrigerators used to operate on natural gas, which contrary to expectations and seems illogical. I've not heard of such a system that ran on nothing at all however. It would probably require a passive system maintained by an active one. As for this liquid nitrogen. It sound to me like it is being used as highly compressed gas. You may have seen pressurized water expelled bottle rockets. They are impressive but do not achieve the same performance seen with chemical combustion rockets. Chemical combustion supplies the heat and the gas.
  12. There is some liquefied manure available. Liquid is easier to handle if it is being used locally. Transporting this would be costly. Most of it is in solid form. Covering it is good if it doesn't cost extra. I am going to fill the ballast tank of an oil rig. It still has to be transported on land several hundred miles however. There is access to freight rail, Union Pacific and CSX. Shipping grain or agricultural product for instance, there are special hoppers that empty out the bottom nice and cleanly. Manure doesn't have special hoppers.
  13. I want to move manure a considerable distance, 200-1000 miles. A tracker trailer dump truck could hold 42k pounds maybe 17k more with an extra axle in the back. (I can provide lift assist if needed) I want to haul 40 million pounds to ten different locations. The common coal car has volume and mass capacity. It is not awfully soiled by manure or other 'feces'. According to the wikipedia this is how the coal is deposited. I've read stories about trap door bottoms. I am physically moving manure for profit however. The average age of a coal car is ~24 years. What's the outlook on leasing space at the local coal power plant? Anyone have an extra @? One of those rusty I-beams in that photo would cost me over $10k. mechanical x or o?
  14. OK this is not a cheap endeavor. Few have succeeded however. I would take the "scrabble" approach. There are letters in the alphabet which are used commonly, like T, A, L, O, C and R. abcd... Now j is a hanger. Fuck l. q. t is important. So you have seen the alphabet? Rules of "scrabble" state a word must be in the dictionary. Going for the speed, I'd produce my own little dictionary. There are suggestions available. Once you have defined the font face value, you must qualify this. This is standard OCR type software. Right? On the standard keyboard there are 105 keys. On a typewriter there are 54 letters, 10 numerals and maybe 15 or 16 special keys. 81 to even 128? 256? 512? Todays processors have multiple cores and this is clearly an opportunity to use every single one of them. Find a center of a glyph. Compare it to all known glyphs. . is a problem because it could de-glyph a glyph or it could be a spot. So we s hould look for capital letters following that spot. Why waste your time? Now we want particulars. If there are two sets of glyphs how do you determine one from the other? Line thickness is one way. Straightness is another. T and T and T are all different but these are all T's and will be used as T's unless you are OCR'ng Bengimin Franklin. Font faces will follow. 3.5 KDE's koffice used a unique style of placing information on a page. It allowed free hand placement of text areas. It could land anywhere on the page. The same occurs with a typewriter for many typewritten documents. Slide paper in, scroll, move type head ->, type something, carriage return, move type head ->, type something. And so on. Finally, if you donot know what ssss omething is, why not ask? It is only a real headache if someone has already saved the document or it is non-editable there is tis and there is ?
  15. On the Discovery channel there was this guy in the rain forests of Belize which is just under the horn of Mexico. 17 degrees north. Maximum daylight at best is 13:08. Guy was distraught. Solstice occurs June 24. Daylight between June 1st and July 11 have the least amount of change from day to day. On the equinox every location on earth gets 12 hours and 7 minutes of sunlight. At the equator it is March 20th every single day of the year. While during the month of June I will experience 15 hours of sunlight the equator will still get only 12. By August 9th it is less than 14 hours per day. London is a great city in the summer. The solstice gets 16:33 hours. They still get almost 15 hours on August 9th. Winter months are all dark. And only gets 7:55 at Christmas.
  16. In the winter months the number of hours of day light are fewer than during summer months. Below is a graph of the difference in daylight hours between Philadelphia, PA at ~39.5 north and Dallas, Texas ~32.6 north over the period of one year. Philadelphia gets more daylight hours in the summer. The total daylight hours The equator is interesting. The sun may change angle but the equator gets 12:07 hours of daylight every day of the year. On the equinox every location on earth gets 12 hours of sunlight. This is March 20 and September 23.
  17. I would go about this with a proportion equation locus distance --------------------------------------- = average recombination length x ---- .01 the 12.5% is contingent upon the recombination percentage. x% * 12.5%. err well I guess its not now. x% * 25%. I'm not sure where the 2 came in.
  18. Recombination of any sort... perhaps this is a different topic of discussion... Outside of sexual reproduction, does this still occur? Or are chromatids otherwise preserved outside of the gametes? Behavior is not my policy. In sexual reproduction there is no way of knowing whether or not recombination has occurred per gamete (think sperm under a microscope). In the event of a successful recombination the genetic signature of the parentage (if there is one) can be compared to the adjacent genetic material. This is only possible if chromatids are preserved prior to gameteogenesis. I think they are. OK so that is post facto. If the genetic locus of the parentage is not known, more intensive phenotype analysis of heredity (parents and/or offspring) would be required. This is assuming there are traits close enough to the loci to minimize the event of inadvertent recombination. I would ask how we know the allele is on the same chromosome in the first place? Obviously parentage would have indicated the differing chromatids. Anyways it is between Aa|Bb. The DNA is preserved, but it is in two gametes, now there is a 50% chance the right sperm or egg involved in reproduction. (sort of like the movie Twins) What you need to know, if this is an academic question is what x is. Should the answer contain the x variable?
  19. "recombination frequency" per codon or per chromosome? OK centimorgans nevermind. Once a cross over is done, I thought recombination was done on a branch level. Like two chromosomes ( | being a recombination) OOOO|OOOOOO XXXX|XXXXXX OOOO|XXXXXX XXXX|OOOOOO as opposed to a 'splice' of the DNA -- which would actually be the result of two recombinations. I searched this topic a while ago and never found a any explicit proteins or enzymes which regulated the recombination. It seemed to just occur as a function of gametes. So glass is half empty, glass is 40% full. The distance is important far 7 possible recombination points, 70% chance per recombination OAOOOOOObO XaXXXXXXBX close 1 possible recombination points, 10% chance per recombination OAbOOOOOOO XaBXXXXXXX Or could be far OaOOOOOObO XAXXXXXXBX close OabOOOOOOO XABXXXXXXX The heredity of the pheno-genotype would be able to eventually give you this information. Or not? The fact that one successful recombination in the far example leaves 6 possible recombinations points to reverse the prior one is trivial I suppose. In the close example, assuming recombination was a one time event, the success could not be reversed. In the case of mulattoes, i.e. black X white, for example Barack Obama, there are many pigmentation encodings in the human genome. The first cross would have all locus in hybrid. The second cross would present the possibility of recombination. This would be required for one chromosome to posses homozygous locus of alleles. Whence the mandatory minimum sentencing crack laws
  20. If light was communicating with light it would cut time in half. I am drawing this theory from the concept that if the two points of communication were moving towards each other technically it is fast than than it would have been otherwise. It may be trivial but given 3-8 minutes you could move several hundred, maybe a few thousand, miles.
  21. Xe2 et al. are not of chemical importance unless the existence of molecule is demonstrative of a principle of chemistry. That is really a malignant concept. As for the cesium fluoride, the stoichiometry may favor double bond halogenation but fluorine is so strong that ... well it could work if the non-leaving group is chlorine.
  22. The term you are looking for is 'recombination'. Recombination occurs at gameteogenisis. When the the two chromosomes of one cell are distributed between two gametes, the DNA can be interchanged from one chromosome to the other. This is not a complete shuffling (as far as I am aware) and I don't know that it follows a distinct interval. There may be more information available. You don't need to know how many recombinations there are if you can safely assume that a recombination would occur. Mathematically that is not exactly correct, even though we don't know how many recombinations will occur. I don't know what 2x cM is. Although you see that there is a 50% chance A and a 25% chance for B. 12.5% chance if this is not the same chromosome. OK on chromosome, say there are 100 recombinations, (I have no idea what 2x cM means) that is a one in hundred on a 50% we are on the wrong chromosome to begin with. "Worst case" scenario 6.25%. Realistically, scrambling your DNA not the most important thing in life. eh? > 6.25%
  23. It doesn't look like the correct alignment. There must be a better scientific term for "clock-like-fashion".
  24. Are they eating the brown grits or is that maggot feces? If you have any poison or any thing deadly in that area, they may have died there -- in that location -- and while dieing they release pheromones. The smell of the dieing ones does not tell of the fate one would have should he try to socialize in this obvious smell. So the maggot makes his way thinking there is some sort of maggot orgy. He too winds up in the death throws oozing pheromones.
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