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  1. doesnt seem like a big deal. its just stupid entertainment. i doubt most of them believed in it. i'd go to make a joke of it. it's fun. p.s. i dont think psychics and hypnotists are the same at all. psychics are bull shit. though hypnosis seems very possible.
  2. thats an interesting concept. ive never really thought about it much, but it makes perfect sense. ive used this theory to explain things like the music industry and film industry. the dinosaurs need to go before new ideas can thrive.
  3. id take the job! the smaller the loan, the better.
  4. The Cramps!! anything by The Cramps!!
  5. hahah thats a great idea!
  6. thats insane! i as well would like to know more about this, if anyone has any interesting links...?
  7. the sound is kinda messed up, but this video is pretty cool... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUDVZw-imes
  8. KrisSam

    Expanding earth

    saw this last week on another forum. kind of interesting, regardless of its validity.
  9. oh thats wicked, thanks a lot!
  10. this would be so cool! it's like a space travel simulator? i would love to try something like this out! does anyone know of anything else similar? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1ZdS_D8Yr0
  11. uhhh. that was a joke. i figured the laughing gave it away.
  12. thats awesome! i thought most of those were real! thanks a lot!
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